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  1. this one i noe. My contractor actually recommended me for 2 times installation for my renovation cause she said am afraid the saw dust and any other dust to fly into my new aircon unit. If not down point is behind not painted though. For my case I paid additional 80bucks for 2 time installation. HTH
  2. yuan lai its you! I wanted to get one china brand digital lock cost about 760. She then mentioned that one of her customer just installed at 500 plus. ask me don waste money. HAHA I am having a major renovation currently:) After moving in, work dun seem to be smooth lei. So got a fengshui master and overhaul some of the rooms, basement and a few toilets. Had Lina Home Sweet Home as my contractor once again and let her propose loh. After working with her for quite some time, find that she is a sincere person. Sometime I use very bad tone on her but she can hold it well Now I am thinking of doing wall paper for any walls. Will post pictures once I am free to visit the house coz I moved out due to the overwhelming dust. Any1 with wallpaper feedbacks? or brands to recommend? TIA Tracy
  3. I would like to comment on my moving experience last week with elite movers. first of all, the cost of my moving 1. a big sofa 3+2+2 2. 4 matresses 3. 4 tvs 4. 2 safe 5. 1 marble dining tsble 6. 1 altar 7. 2 desktop 8. washing machine 9. some small stuffs and like clothes hanger stand etc. 10. cartons total about 20-30. total cost was 460. shalom movers quoted me 900+! anyway, i crossed my fingers getting a cheaper mover which is nearly half the price. but, everything turns out great! they were on time, didnt grumble, very efficient and none of my things were damage. the in charge was very friendly and sometimes although i made a mistake on the position of the bulky items, they are still willing to help to move. with the price and the service, i will get them again if i were to move again. hope my experience will help forummers with their moving
  4. i just bought my furniture from them last week. a TV console, A coffee table and 6 dining chairs. the boss (i think) was a nice guy. goods were of relatively good materials. and sliding tracks was smooth. i paid for 1.5k for the above items and i think its a steal! delivery was punctual as well.
  5. I used it for my common toilet before, im very happy with this PD door as it really save space, most imptly without the bottom track. I got it through my contractor. but from what i know, she said before she got it from the eunos branch. there is one at balestier or jalan besar if im not wrong
  6. im using white windows and grill, after 1 and half year still white leh. my maid wipes it once a week though.but given back a choice, i will still goes for white, asthetically definately win hands down.
  7. I need help to find chinese paintings requested by FSM! I need mu dan flower painting, chinese calligraphy painting and mountain and water painting. Does anyone know where I can get these? Thanks a million
  8. intending to do some extension works. but that will come in after I moved in. some interesting things to share: while buying the house, the owner wanted to sell me a few stuff at a price of 10k. includes, a side by side fridge, tv console, coffee table, a few paintings and an outdoor set. its all 2nd hand though. the last night when my contractor and her husband went to do a site survey and was telling us it is not worth it, we can get a first hand if we top up abit more. We didnt know that but trusted them la. so called the deal off. AND, we bought a fridge EXACTLY the same yesterday at BEST DENKI. selling at 2k nett after discount. yet the seller was selling us at 1800! depsite using it for coming to 2 years. was so glad that i made the correct choice. Now we need to buy outdoor set, paintings, water feature, tv console, coffee table, some small furnitures. last but not least. bought an OSIM tian wang yi!!!! WOOSH! i fell in love after 15 minutes try on it. my favourite buy so far
  9. Thanks patsy for the advice!! you know what, I got Shalom movers to quote, they quoted 935. I wanted to engage them, until while chatting with my contractor she ask me to compare at least one more, then i saw patsy your post. they quoted only 330!!!! I HAD A SAVINGS OF 600!! of course, i confirmed with them on the spot. moving on this thursday. fingers crossed. Anyway, my renovation has been separated into 2 phases. because last minute changes, Fri, i collected my keys Sat, fengshui master audit And i need to move in on thurs. where my god will be moved in on tues night so meaning, we only have from sat(half day) to wednesday night to do all these jobs 1. marble polishing 2. 3 storey parquet varnishing 3. painting of whole house 4. changing of all bulbs to white 5. carpentry works 6. some electrical works Lina was joking that everytime the fengshui master add on something, she sweat even more. haha. anyway, she said it was a challenging one with so many items within 3.5days. she only promised the 5items in front. she said carpentry got to be after that though. I will be visiting the new house tomorrow, trust that it will be in good hands. Fingers crossed again
  10. will be getting keys tomorrow, so excited. HOORAY! anyone have good movers to reccomend? TIA
  11. omg. that look nice! i like the mickey mouse. haha
  12. i know of a shop in marine parade central who sells pump. i think it is an aquarium cum pet shop. maybe this might help=D
  13. That sounds great=D Hoope you do have a wonderful reno journey. anyway, this forum is simply too awesome. It help me alot last year when i was renovating my house. when are you starting your reno? Regards, tracy
  14. HELLO! I am back after MIA-ing for nearly to a year. Decided to sell my house (5room HDB) at ubi and bought a pte property in the east too. While selling the house, lady luck was shining on me. I got a whooping 85k COV for a low storey flat. That really makes my day. Reason being, there were 2 groups of people vying for it. Bought a 3 storey house near bedok camp area. and now discussing for renovation I can skip 1 step though. I need not source around for contractors. I will be getting my previous one as she is fantastic. Quality of the goods are good because after 1.5years, all my stuff are standing well despite the frequent parties at my house. And thanks to the reno I got an 85k=D This time round, It is going to be a more intense renovation journey. Called Lina from Home Sweet Home. again, she never fail me with her friendly tone. Always so helpful and happy. LOL. I will be snapping pictures of my current house, no pictures for new house for the time being. Key collection estimated to be end of june. HOORAY~ Tracy