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  1. There are already 2 threads full of complaints on Furniture Club - why do you want to start another one? you should get the adminstrators to close this.
  2. Well I guess you get what you paid for... I think a leather sofa is a long term investment. If it is of decent quality it should last at least 10 years. There are leather handbags which use insignificant amounts of leather that cost S$5K, and a 3 seater leather sofa which uses 3-5 cows, cost less than S$1,500... doesn't make sense to me
  3. To be fair to Furniture Club, I think you should elaborate your case - otherwise, I think it is not correct that you make such statements.
  4. from personal experience, PU won't last longer than 2 years before they start peeling. If you intend to rent out your apartment, its good budget to buy PU sofas. they are soft and comfortable. But after 2 years, you gotta dispose it off.
  5. I'm always sceptical about sofa customisation. Alot of my friends and relatives who I know went for customisation, most of the time, it didn't end up well. And usually the dispute is very hard to resolve, since both parties will insist that they are correct. To safe guard yourself, do not give more than 30% deposit. Pay the balance only if you are satisfied.
  6. There are 2 ways of measuring thread count - one is by sq inch and the other by sq cm..
  7. Honestly, I find cheers design quite outdated... there are lots of sleek looking contemporary designs in full leather selling for a slightly higher price.
  8. Hyflux water filter going for $99... not bad looking - is this good enough?
  9. What is their parent company?
  10. Gee, thanks for the information. YEah, I should ask the salesperson if it is burmese teak or indonesian teak. Visually, the grains on the wood surface seems more seasoned(very deep grains) than the other type of normal teak, and the 'scent' is very strong even though it is not varnished. Does this say anything of the wood? Sometimes, sales people can misrepresent...
  11. BoConcept has a new store opening at 112 Katong
  12. I have ordered shade sails online from australia. The delivery was prompt and quality was very good. I put the shade sail covering my outdoor decking, so I can laze on my outdoor sofa without too much glare from the sun. It provides ample shade and still allows strong air circulation. maintenance is also easy, since it is relative free from algae/fungus growth. Aesthetically, it also very intesting. Most importantly, it is cheap and easy to install. just need to get turnbuckles and calibrina rings from DIY stores. You can even remove it to wash!
  13. why not try ceiling fans? they are the most powerful and not as 'eye sore'. recently, I saw a few very nice sleek designs thats worth taking a closer look.
  14. In my opinion, if you are looking for high end sofas, Castilla has been around very much longer than brands like Furniture Club etc.. Sometimes it is good to trust the more established brands.
  15. Recently, I came accross this brand. According to the sales person this is sag-free and it seems reasonable comfy.. but trying a mattress and actually sleeping on it is 2 different thing. does anybody have any experience using this matress?