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  1. I'm very late in the reply but from what I've gathered so far, hacking requires more money. Rewiring usually isn't quoted as the wires are measured then calculated on the price. Plumbing involves paying the contractors, so it can't be helped.
  2. Love how the bathroom is being placed. Alternative is to have the wardrobes built just outside the MBR bathroom to have the walk in wardrobe feel. If you don't mind partitions, they can be used to erect the separation to save costs on carpentry.
  3. Hi, For that, you have to consult a Fengshui master. I did it because both our parents are very particular about it since it's the first day of opening the door to the new house. It's also good to do some cleansing or blessing, if you prefer.
  4. Just curious, does anyone know where can I find L-shaped or Corner kitchen sinks as they named it? I've limited space in my kitchen and want to utlise as much space as possible. Thanks1