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  1. have anyone install fiber in their home in sunshine court? how do they run the fiber cables to your home?
  2. i also got some issue with them bought fridge, washing machine and TV But till now have not recieve my tv invoice since 2 weeks ago
  3. Is Conventional Microwave Oven Safe? i see many models now of days are duo or triple function like can do baking, grill, steam and microwave but is these safe? Or do you thing buying seperate like 1x microwave often, 1x conventional oven
  4. Guys i have a question whats the impact / health concerns of using a Double Grill/ Convention Microwave Oven wouldn't the double function be dangerous/unhealty as it is an microwave oven and at the same time a conventional oven?
  5. today morning they called me. say will deliver today around 6-7pm...lets see the outcome hehe
  6. lol...just my luck...i didnt saw this post only after i order dining set, sofa and coffee table from FCC 3 months ago.. Suppose to deliver today evening which i expected latest at 9plus they come...then at 10.35pm a few minutes ago...they call and tell me they can deliver at 12am...i told them its ridicuous...12am is too late...and they mention will arrange delivery again...lucky for them that i'm not in a hurry..tomorrow going to call their office to complain.
  7. You can contact Daniel at 92700813, say Freddy aka ah kun intro one
  8. you can buy hts5120 from philips, although older model but cheap and good. find it at IMM Giant at 329
  9. Hi All, you can go to "A Lightings" in Geylang lor 22, look for Alex (young chap, friendly gd service) i bought all my lights from them , best price to compare to all shops i go. only open frm mon to day. Say Freddy intro one
  10. hi guys anyone know what type of door bell are we suppose to use - Electric or Battery?
  11. Hi Guys I have a question For those of you who have cove lights in your false ceiling. The interior part of the cove light holder is it fully cover? Meaning when you climb up to change or check your T5/led lightings. facing the board, do you can see the bottom inner part got expose area ? which you can see the metal brackets. Why im asking is because for my reno when i climb up to shift/check my T5s. i see that the bottom part facing me is not cover, only the top part is covered thus exposing the metal brackets. My worry is spiders, lizards housing an go into the false ceiling using the botton not cover hole. Did my contractor did a ****ty job or is it a norm?
  12. mine , we just did at 860mm. For height between table top and top cabinet should be 750mm
  13. yup true sand is frm Mr Lim(hdb) and u need to Town Council pay 250 for the permit