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  1. Omg.. Pretty nice place spoilt by bad carpentry.. If its me, I insists on them changing to better carpenter if not take back money and find a carpenter yourself.. Its your house not mil house.. But ask your hubby to complain to mil dont do it yourself ;p. I also have holes in my carpentry but at least the holes and chipped edges are inside not outside
  2. hi paloma, would you mind telling me where did you get the art cards for the white standing photo frame on yuor bedside table?
  3. Hi, anyone tried asking kdk people to check your fan after your electrician install the fan? Do they charge? Mine is still wobbling after checks from my electrician so I really don't know how to solve the issue..
  4. I think it's not practical definitely. Why don't you consider getting 2 eames chair instead? But then when guest come over, they will also fight for the chair..haha..
  5. i think should box up everything, best to put in cabinets. Then you will have lots of space to hide your stuff. imho not boxing up is an invitation to lots of dust and pests. I can't imagine having lots lizard eggs up there.
  6. hi paloma did you get the cleaning company to clean your brick walls also during the post reno cleaning? I am thinking of asking but scared they would faint..wahaha..
  7. Thanks for replying shall check with my id
  8. Ok thanks:) asking my ID just now. Will Check my place and see how
  9. hi paloma I have some thing urgent to check with you, for the white brick wall, did your contractor use white cement for grouting? and also did he paint over it later or no painting of the brick wall was done? I realised my ID did the brick wall wrongly I think.. my ID use normal cement and is planning to paint over the whole wall with white paint, so it won't be able to have the raw look that I wanted... Pls let me know urgently so that I can ask my ID to rectify. thanks!
  10. hi paloma another question for me to kaypoh.. haha i suddenly realised how come you don't have tv? you don't watch tv ah..haha.