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  1. popping in here to support ikea. though i know their quality sucks. but i still love em. sounds kinda weird. lol
  2. now i'm in a dilemma about lightings. v headache. just do false ceiling seems the easiest. is it also the cheapest?
  3. seriously hor, the location is within proximity to the city. the value can only go up instead of down.
  4. definitely will once i settled for a contractor/ID. still sourcing for now. hope to be able to find a good and hassle free one. getting a **** big headache now. hee...
  5. i guess i was quite heng. cause i wasn't looking for any housing at that time. happened that my in-laws went for their SERS. then i was browsing around and saw this location and just booked on the spot without much thought. aiya, no need envy la. the price is also a whole lt more. sometimes i wonder if it's really that worth it to pay for this.
  6. Common Room 1 Common Room 2 Master Room View from my place View from Master room side window
  7. First views of my new home after getting keys Main door Living hall Kitchen Corridor
  8. On the start to getting my home all setup Please guide this newbie here.
  9. Which is a better brand? Hitachi or daikin?
  10. wow! have indeed been enriched by reading through your experience. thanks for sharing. planning to look for an ID to help. but guess that really requires much work and effort now. got lots more to learn.
  11. before you sign the OTP, you should have indicated that you will be removing the fixtures. Once the OTP is signed already, it is up to the buyer, whether they want to let you have it or not. or alternatively, you can make a suggestion saying you will find a replacement light for the MBR. or you can tell the buyer to go choose what they like and then you pay for it. Reason is simple, buyers also got consider to take over the fixture settings. so the price they are paying also got some consideration for the fixtures. yes, buyer can also request that you remove everything. but some buyers don't mind taking over. so you should talk with your buyer and don't think too much. everything is open for talk unless the buyer says no.