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  1. All is well - thanks potatoes. If I have the time I will post all completed pics
  2. I am using Mitsubishi StarMex - also bought from Aron. I am very happy with it so far.
  3. Thanks Yaolong. I see yours coming along well too. Can't wait to see the completed pics.
  4. He he - there are many parts still not nice - far from neat. We are discovering new things each day with regards to the house and the neighbourhood but the one thing we really liked is the natural light coming into the house. It was the opposite for the previous house.
  5. Thanks Adidaem. The plants are not real. They are not new - brought over from our previous house. I bought them from Tangs - but the last time I went, they don't sell them anymore. As for the containers, they were bought from Howard's. You can actually write the label yourself - chalk is provided.
  6. Thanks Terence - yup - getting some plants is one of the options. Will figure which ones to buy. I intend to place them at the balcony to "camouflage" the wash area.
  7. Pretty expensive. Perhaps it's best to ask him to re-quote. Anyways congrats on your new home and have fun with your renovation.
  8. Congrats on your new home - and good luck with your renovations. EM renovations will always be complicated I find.
  9. Hi Potatoes - 56K - is inclusive of aircon, electrical and some furnishings and bathroom and kitchen essentials. Renovation per se is just 38.5K - inclusive of painting. Is that a lot you think?
  10. Hey there fastforward. Don't worry - seven weeks is enough time - provided there are no problems. Have fun and wishing you all the best
  11. At this point I am still unpacking. Perhaps this arduous task will be completed by end of November. In the meantime, here's the breakdown spent on the house: Renovation: $38,495 (most major works like re-tiling for the whole house (except for the bedrooms), toilets, carpentry and painting) Aircon: $3087 (Mitsubishi StarMex) Bathroom and kitchen essentials: $3390 Electrical: $3005 Fans and lighting: $2521 Furnishings: $4600 (two wardrobes, dining table, six dining chairs, cabinet) Mover: $545 Others: $500 Grand total: $56,143 I am ending updating this blog. Thank you everyone - those who had given advise and comments and even those who dropped by. For a full transformation pictures, you may click on the quote below. A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built withlove and dreams.
  12. We have already moved - but renovation works are still going on But they are progressing well ... Kitchen
  13. We have already moved - but renovation works are still going on But they are progressing well ... Kitchen
  14. Tell me about it. My move started on Friday and didn't finish till Sunday. It was the loose items which made it more tiring. What happened to the toilet? I had problems with my toilet bowls. I crossing my fingers everything will be fine - in the longest term.
  15. Will be shutting down for awhile - it's Moooooving Out Time ...
  16. An Expensive Lesson Learnt to Tell If you are really not sure what type of toilet bowl to buy - don't be "Kay Kiang" and order yourself. Let the contractor order for you. The story goes like this ... My contractor told me roughly the size to look out for. Me and my wife went to Jalan Besar because that's the place where my contractor recommended. At this particular shop - we bought three toilet bowls - all three different brands. We were very happy with our purchases until ... On the day my contractor wanted to order and arrange delivery, he had an argument with the toilet bowl shop owner. My contractor told him the bowls can't fit but the owner insisted at least one of them can - based on the distance of the hole (where the toilet bowl will be placed over). So out of three bowls only one can fit while for the other two I had to come down again to re-choose. In the end we decided to choose the same brand and type for all the toilets. And we thought the problem was solved but ... The toilet bowls were then sent to our new house and that's where the problem started. My contractor called me saying the toilet bowls can't fit because the size for all three is 5.5 inches instead of 4 inches. WTF I said to myself - because the day I went to re-choose, it was already confirmed by the shop - it will fit. So I called up the shop owner who insisted they can fit, perfectly. He then suggested his contact to do the installation - but will be charged at $95 per toilet. So the situation is, one the one hand my contractor said can't be installed (because size too big) and on the other the supplier said it can be done. My contractor then said - of course it can be done if they sort of "cut corners". He explained sometimes the toilet bowl can be "forced-fit" and even he can do that but there's the risk of it being choked over time. The person engaged by the toilet bowl shop owner confidently explained otherwise. He said has been in this line - plumbing - for over 40 years and gave me 100% assurance it won't choke. So who do you choose (to believe)? In the end we opted for Mr Plumber. His men came - late - but got the job done in less than 2 hours. We had to pay them $285 out of our own money. I am pretty sure my contractor won't be paying for this. If the toilet bowls had been brought by him, they would have been installed for free (as the charges would already have been included in the whole package). To end the story, we were still not convinced who's right and who's wrong but one thing for sure, we were definitely $285 poorer
  17. One day till moving out day and the place still look like this ...
  18. But I wish I could say the same for the kitchen though ...
  19. Things are shaping quite well. The fans and most lighting have been installed, the study room is shaping up well and the wardrobe too.
  20. The last six days till another chapter unfolds. Monday onwards most works will concentrate on painting, installation and touch-ups (false ceiling, aircon, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, bathroom and light fixtures …).
  21. Thanks Centrino2 for the words of advise. I will remind the electricians about the downlights. Hopefully they are skilled enough. Keeping my fingers crossed Potatoes
  22. It's a week away to our scheduled moving out from the old house and there seems many things still not done or hanging here and there. Doing renovation is all about timing and coordination. The downlights can't be fixed yet because the false ceiling is not up yet. In the meantime, the painters are painting sealant to the whole house. The kitchen cabinet and wardrobe are far from ready. I've got a feeling these will still not be ready by the time we move in. For all the bathrooms, only the mixer had been fixed. My contractor told me won't be wise to fix the rest of the fixtures as they will get dirty especially the sinks and bowls.