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  1. Hi jaykr, staying in woodlands since 4-5 years old. stayed at marsiling drive side then shifted to woodlands 88 nearby. now back to marsiling road coz of the space. new flats' sizes are terribly small. used to be living in big spaces so bought the 179sqm flat. my floor plan is the mirror image of your floor plan. i hacked the wall separating the kitchen and the dining room thus bigger dining room. converted the small space at the end of the service balcony at the front door into a maid's room. nice space with windows for ventilation. the service yard wall separating the dining room and the toilet was also hacked away to create more space and lights into the dining room. super airy too. can i ask how much COV u paid or u buy through SOBF?
  2. i think so too. cheers!
  3. can share the decal contact pls? your house is swee and the decal is very swee. thanks!
  4. nice place... should be near to my neighbourhood...
  5. Up for a friend who wanna see the workmanship
  6. i rather pay than get it all messed up... thanks for your advice...
  7. Whole unit for rental - 1 master bedroom and 3 common rooms, large hall, ample dining area and spacious kitchen - 2mins walk to Woodlands 888 Plaza - 1min walk to school - bus stops within 10m - window casement aircon in master bedroom and 1 common room - fridge, washing machine and TV (hall) Asking for S$2,800 NEG. Current tenant moving out in early March Priority given to potential tenants renting the whole unit Do pm me for further details AGENTS welcome but no comm will be given by owner, you have to earn from tenants
  8. i also took bank loan. i remembered i did not tell the hdb officer whether to wipe out and also i did not tell the law firm who handled the transaction. my reason for keeping the sum in OA was in the event of retrenchment, the sum in OA can service the loan while i look for a job. another method is to invest whatever amount u wanted to keep for servicing of loan b4 the hdb appointment and lock that amount in investment. even if hdb wipe out the balance, u can withdraw the investment n used for servicing of loan.
  9. Hi, i remembered one of the bros/sis here posted a few photos of installing the plastic sheets at the main door grills to prevent rain from getting into the house. Can the bros/sis pls PM me the contacts for the contractor who did the thing? I was hoping to get those installed on my main door grills to prevent rain and to prevent pests from entering the house as my family do not usually close the main door in the day. pls pm me the contacts. thanks!
  10. Hi Tim, Do i need to call you regarding the next servicing for the servicing package i bought or u will arrange and revert? my address is marsiling road thank you!
  11. u can try my contractor. reasonable quote Lim Ting 9119 6966
  12. u guys can take a look at aliexpress.com too i bought quite a lot of things from there and some offer free shipping
  13. pls let me know what u wanted to see more... and also the workmanship and condition after 1 year... i can add more pictures...