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  1. Oh I mean 1st spray before bedtime: insecticide 2nd spray in the morning: w water to wash off those dead flies
  2. Easy on the lizards, tough on the roches! My senile opinion!
  3. Hahaha...tot I jus post since chanced upon recent interested-dean's: In all due respect- lizards' appearance wise, had managed to convince my spouse to 'accept' em. Why? Simply because their presence truly help to eliminate mosquitoes which r more harmful to our living IMHO as compared to theirs' (ie. Lizards)! The only undesirables which lizards left behind is the black faeces + white substance (ie. their urine) on the floors/furnitures... But in exchange for the detrimental diseases which would have been inflicted on my kids should their 'food' (aka-mosquitoes) be in charge...I bet not! Yes sticky pads should ward off those friendly lizards, especially with some black-coloured wovens/threads placed as baits to attract... But is it worthwhile the effort end of the day... Taking into consideration they do help to reduce the dengue-affected beings? Cockroaches r otherwise! They carry germs wherever they go n pass on diseases to the human livings! Those sticky pads do some good... yes! N if for those who r well-off, can consider Goliath Gel... Jus bean-drop it at affected areas n u catcha-em!
  4. Hi! Celte pointed out a gd pt regarding pouring bleach...but may I add for a cheaper solution: spray some insecticide before ur bedtime into those floor traps, mainly those side Walls, to eliminate those sewage flies lor! V effective...u jus got to spray off those 'deads' in d morning upon entering into ur bathrooms lor!!
  5. hi collins! can ya sorta 'leak' some infos publicly here regarding pricings? m sure many would be keen to know such prior to their enquiries. thanks in advance, cheers! (geninue customer-to-be)
  6. allow my kapos here. if ya not concerned bout quality/ deliveryman's attitudes, try: bedsg.com. furnitures mah...i had purchased fm a office-furniture retail shop at apollo centre sometimes back in 2001 oct...a study table + 2 low cabinets = less than $500, and these lasts us for until we threw em away in jun this yr prior to shifting into our new place - a wholesome 9yrs+! thinketh this shop has relocated to opposite the parliment house or somewhere near sofa 3 bedder or sofabed - i myself bought both fm Seahorse Hecom. 3 months nia but so far so gd. both costs less than $800 but if ya going round the island, you maybe able to find some of their retail shops selling the 3-seater sofa @ $319+ as opposed to the usual rsp $499 (price which i'd purchased at )
  7. Or u referring to my purchases: 1) lights arcade - 321 balestier rd; served by janice 2) lightology - 534 & 536 balestia rd; served by andy & ah mon For '1', don't expect a big shop area like lumeria hor! But the ppl there, esp Janice, is nice n sincere! Delivery is by a big-sized uncle named Patrick...wa, very very careful w your purchases & super polite n friendly type! '2', I bought jus a small item for cash & carry but they provide great customer service! Do ask for discount. N end of purchase, m surprised they gave me a warranty card! I asked:'so small cheap item oso got warranty?!' They replied:'any item here, so long u purchase fm us...any small issue jus ring us up, we settle it for u! Regardless of cheap or not, one or ten pcs - u r our valued customer liao!' Tears drop la...感动...
  8. Oh...that 'few' months' usage...mind sharing how many was it exactly? Cos mine so far ok but can't be so hapi yet since we're into our 3rd month nia
  9. Hi holyavartar, If your referring to the 2 at jurong east, they r: 1) hylite deco 2) chelsea lighting Both r located at jurong east, street 31 @ blk 353 facing boon way road or where Chinese Garden MRT is at diagonally across. Now if u staying in the west, then probably going to either of these shops for purchases is economically viable in terms of utilizing your (sourcing) time. Oso since the rsp for all my items r set at a higher price tags there (both shops) compared to most along balestia's, I may need to allocate more time to bargain my way thru but probably to the same level as wat balestia's would have given me, eventually. One of the 2 shops, attended by daughter (my assumption) of the female owner, is not too concerned bout my queries. She isn't rude but somehow m given the impression that I m quite a bother to her...it could be bad timing I supposed to have entered the shop at a 'wrong' time or rather, I'm just too overly-sensitive
  10. Hey dun mention vecheron! I made purchases, incl lightings, for my new place jus 3 months ago in jun. So while m currently compiling a list for my sis who jus got keys to her new place, I happen to see your post n tot I jus share lor Know it's never easy without references n seriously thank those kind souls in RT who helped me a big deal with their inputs!
  11. wa bro...thanks for sharing thy stories! seems it is not wrong for some of my frds who often said these 'P'eople work only on 'big cases' which has drawn huge public attention/concern thru the media. else like u mentioned, all interviewings & penning statements & then 'case closed' after some yrs without any outcome anyway for this case, the advice to file a police report is jus to 'show' some seriousness in this matter. if not, should this becomes Big, then probably the authority would be questioning:'if so important, then how come u never file any police report when it happens???'...! like that very
  12. nat0206, Gosh this is serious! N sori to hear that too! I agreed with fellow forummers here: 1) pls go file a police report immediately! 2) do list out this id n his company here. U might not know if there could be more victims other than yourself being conned by this scammer! If so, it may further strengthen your case against him or otherwise, help prevent others from falling victims to this arseO
  13. Hahaha...! ImpPraSip LesPon...see-th yA
  14. Crazy ants - those black ants which upon scaring em, can alertly turn n move around fast...thinketh 一扫光can do the job pretty clean! cost jus $1.90 at sheng Shiong per pkt lor
  15. the stretch along balestia should fill one day of your hunt. fm RT, me shortlisted few before conducting my search using two days, before finally settling down with light arcade + lightology. eurostar, lightology & lumeria as heard belonged to the same boss. pretty nice stuffs they've got but $$$ on the higher side. euro's attitude can't compare with light & lum 's attitude in my 2 times' visits,...my truthful comments! chan huat - my buddy vouched for one of the 3 shops which he doesn't know which, for his condo's lightings. fm an honest staff there as he put across but when i visit, sales person either too busy with their stock-take or dun really cares bout your existence. at the middle shop, one chinese national girl cares to attend to me, & with gd knowledge. unfortunately some of wat i wanted isn't there & the deal wasn't thru. along this balestia's stretch, resonably few with boh chap attitudes & couple of em with 'stage play' customer services. probably an uncle spotted cross-slinging a bag with t-shirt + bermudas + slippers doesn't appeal to em as a genuine customer! (& that's how i decide my purchases fm...those w attentive attitudes though my attire is the ah pek kinda) jurong east - been to the 2 shops as recommended here but found their pricing high enough for bargaining to the level tagged at balestia's. for example: a simple rectangular light for the bedroom costs $90++ (or so) there whereas balestia's ranged at $80-88 (apple-to-apple-comparison). end of the day, it jus 'mouse catching its tail' story...after some hard bargaining with those bosses at jurong east, they 'relented' & dropped their prices to wat was deemed 'original' rsp at balestia, plus bit more deduction if ya hard enough! same same end of the day if ya to go to any shop @ balestia's IMO you could probably save saliva & trips by going to balestia stretch first (and only, instead of je if u stayin too far off) to kickstart your bargaining fm there lor i got mine fm light arcade, a salesgirl called Janice. they provide price at its so-called 'low' level, which is really lowerly-priced than most. Then at end of it, throw in a discount at my Grand Total to further sweeten the deal. yes it's so in my case...but still some bargaining is required to further honeyed the sweetened deal! no biz is there to throw in deals which doesn't make em gd profits, but as far as i'm concerned, this one provides the least effort to get the deal thru in ways i feel is economical to my financial budget