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  1. Chanced upon your t blog... I was in my midst of finding air con deals as well... And a few days ago, my sis bto Fb group recommended a gain city guy whereby I was quoted 3900 for sys 4 for MIT starmex w g22 copper wire, half inch insulator and 16mm drainage pipes and I managed to bargain for two installation trips too... I find his pricing was reasonable after comparing with some Renotalk recommendations and direct coys... Plus he was still very friendly after answering my plenty of questions and worries on workmanship etc... ( quite kai see mentality, keep on checking and comparing btw quotes) Well, if you are interested, I can pass you his contacts and you can find out more... Hope this helps... Cheers...
  2. wow... your place is nicely renovated... are you able to share the contacts and quotes for the granite company, wardrobe company as well as your contractor? thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Ynwa88...

    your house is very nicely renovated!

    Are you able to send me your quotation ? ID coy and ID name?

    my email is shuuhs12@gmail.com

    Thank you in adv for the info!!!


  4. hello, read your tblog, do you mind sharing your ID contacts and quotation?

    thanks in adv!!!