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  1. i went there yesterday n this young guy called Alvin served us. he is quite a friendly guy n not pushy. it was raining heavily when we were leaving n they let us use their back door to exit which is nearer to our car. He even waited for us at the exit for my wife n kid to board the car before going in. in the end we did not get anything from them. btw if i want to get a 3+2 or L-shape sofa with PU leather n wooden legs, possible to get below $1000?
  2. the friends u mentioned are all upgraders? i saw somewhere only abt 5% r reserved for upgraders to fight among ourselves. i just wish luck is on my side this time. correct me if i wrong, those who applied for balloting for the new flats, will get a number no matter what right? difference is just that if numbers are big, applicants just feel no chance to get flat? so there might still be chance for me even if my number is big cos some might give up their number before they choose the flats?
  3. staying at sembawang now, just started looking for flat. we dun have much cash so waiting for HDB to push out new flats n apply as upgrader. is the chances very slim for upgraders?
  4. when i was getting my 4 rm at sembawang, also felt that it's good enuf for us but now i think a 5 rm flat would be better. i also planning to get a EC or DBSS initiallly but now i have decided to get a DBSS instead. is the price of EC close to DBSS? is 5 rm of DBSS bigger than EC?
  5. for me, tried once n got 1 but waited more than 4 years to get the flat. meanwhile stayed with my parents n save more money. but now regretted moving so far away. my parents live at farrer park area n we moved to sembawang. whether it's resales or new, just make sure u dun regret in future.
  6. my wife n i love to owe 1 EM 3 years later, hopefully can save enuf to fulfill our dream. will start to source for the ideal location soon so we know how much our dream worth. ideally, EM at ang mo kio but anyone knows if AMK got EM as my wife said no.
  7. i living at the end of sembawang drive but i feel that sembawang very far from town. now that my daughter is schooling nearby, got to wait till she finish PSLE then can consider moving out of sembawang
  8. Looking for home tuition teacher for my daughter who is in Primary 3 now. her homework is getting bad to worse, need help. 1. anywhere i can get good n reliable home tutors? 2. anyone tried getting 1 from YES Tuition? 3. is ex-teacher or graduate good enuf? pls advise
  9. otacon

    Bean Bag

    2 years ago, i bought mine from bangkok. u can buy the bag n come back singapore to buy the stuffs inside. but i cannot recall how much i bought, the bag still in good shape, my dog love it too
  10. after bathing, hang outside for the sun to kill the bateria loh. most ppl shld be hanging in the toilet bah