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  1. I would like to recommend my ID/contractor for any renovation works. I bought a resale unit and searched through the renotalk forum for recommendations and got quotations from some of the IDs that I managed to find. I had narrowed to a few ID firms from the initial search and finally decided on Mr Kenneth Chia from Reno Interior. He is able to advise against the hacking works which I intended to do having my interest in mind of the possible long term consequences. He does not mind doing a partial renovation as opposed to other ID who will insist that I change most of the existing fixtures even though I think they they are still in good condition and doesnt warrant a chnage for a while. This helped a lot in the saving of cost and retain things like doors, aircon, water heaters, skirtings and parquet flooring. In fact after revarnishing at a reasonable cost my flooring looks like new now. His quotation is by item, clear and price is reasonable. Throughout the 2 month long renovation process, he updates regularly and work is on schedule minus some hiccups here and there which he is able to rectify quickly. His workers are also able to deliver very good workmanship on the waterproofing, tiling and carpentery, the few high cost items that Im initially most worried about. All in all, Im satisfied with the works done and highly recommend him. You may PM me if you want his contact and see pictures of the works done at my place by Mr Kenneth Chia.
  2. hi i need the list too, pls pm me too
  3. i'm also facing problems with old paint. think the previous job was not done properly. now i have to strip the old paint off bcoz parts of them are already not sticking to the concrete,big headache.... wonder how much it costs to strip and replaster
  4. hi, i'm looking for a system 2 inverter. can pm me the contacts thks!
  5. Uploaded with ImageShack.us any one know whats the best way to patch this hole. I think the paint and the plaster peel off revealing the concrete wall. I heard people talking about plaster, sealant or putty. Not sure what to use. To make things worse, the surface is rock wall effect. Any way to damage control?