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  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing. My contractor and those people at Balestier shops said that leaking is due to cartridge is spoilt and some tap we can easily change this cartridge as long as you can buy the correct and matching spare parts. But at Balestier we came across one shop selling the exact same tap that I'm using, the sales say this design more complicated and the cartridge is not available for sales. 8|
  2. Another regret for my place was installing the embedded type of spot lights. :bangwall: I had used this kind of spot lights in 2 area which back then I felt this design had a more seamless look - neater in a way. But then, after a while, we felt this type of spot light is meaningless and useless We wanted the spotlight to highlight our wall clock and cement screed wall... but this useless spotlight had angle limitation, in the end, highlighting nothing As for this spotlight in the room was just to highlight the WIW feature wall but this spot light just blows off pretty easily and once the transformer inside spoils, we do not know how to change it ourselves and we hate it when you need to call the electrician for the smallest issues. So we decided to change all these embedded spotlights to Track type. So I need to call Mr K in for a phase 2 renovation for change of lighting and kitchen tap. Wish me luck for my pocket and good workmanship as usual. After all done, I will share pictures again....
  3. Its time to do some sharing again... After staying in our love little home, there are some things that we actually regret buying or doing, some are very minor but some more irritating. The most irritating purchasing is my Vintage looking kitchen tap (bought online through www.wholesale-faucet.com) Actually I also cant say I regret buying it because I really love the look very very much. But after using it for like 4 to 6 months, it started dripping :bangwall: :furious: You can see that we actually had to put a pail and if you are outside the whole day, the water can overflow... we had to switch off the main water switch outside the house everytime we go out of the house.. it is really frustrating I also regret not asking Mr K do a water switch below the sink - to allow me to just cut off the water supply for the kitchen tap. We finally can't take it anymore and last weekend we visit Balastier again in search for a new kitchen tap. Actually I'm still tempted to buy from wholesale faucet again seeing so many new vintage designs, but Hubby objected due to the sad experience. So we will be getting a modern looking tap and sad to say... there goes my retro vintage feel :~
  4. HI FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!! :dancingqueen: I cannot remember how long since I last logged into Renotalk TBlog, I'm so sorry for the missing in action, but I'm just too lazy to log in anymore. But OMG to my surprise that my tblog is still around !?! and more surprisingly that I still receive enquiry on Mr K's contact, I guess he must be having very very good business... haha. I will PM those who enquire to me in March 2013, those before I assume you already gotten the contact from others bloggers. Sorry again for this super long delay.
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    K Pro

    Hi hi...this is pinkwhale come Kpo-ing, since u ask me then I help Kk85 pmed u already. Pls check it and wish u good luck!!!
  6. Thanks for liking and Ya they are super cute but they are not so stable especially with kids so it's kinda dangerous. I'm still searching for affordable and suitable dining chairs haha And I've pm u the contact
  7. Hi I just p.m. you, sorry for the delay as I was away for a while. I just buy the normal halogen track light then replace the bulb to LED bulb quite simple. Track is very cheaper 1m around $10 or something and each bulb holder is around $15 come with free halogen bulb but replace with Philips LED bulb then each LED I think is $30 or $40++
  8. Hi Sorry for the delay in reply, just came back from holiday hehe... my toilet door is custom made by my contractor based on much understanding the frame is aluminum so it's really light.
  9. Yo... ur reno is looking fabulous, my turn to drop by after I come back from my holiday ^^ Let's catch up again!!!
  10. Hi Sygnur Really thank you for spending the time to read through my blog, thank you for your kind word, I'm quite lucky that the reno went quite smooth with no major cock ups. hahaha.. the brick wall is really something I couldnt imagine as well, its was really random and I'm glad Mr K was there to help me modify the arrangement and thus the good result. Yea Yea... flying on coming Monday, so decided to came in to clear some backlog otherwise the forumers here got to wait for another 2 weeks for my reply...
  11. Hi, actually what do u mean by cause leaking? The aircon pipe itself? The place is quite new so I'm quite lucky never meet this kind of situation yet but after 5yrs I can't be sure then
  12. Hi leeking sorry I'm not sure what kind of system is that call... I need hold the string at 45 degree and tug it to release the catch to lower the blind
  13. Hi chewbb Thanks for your kind words...
  14. Hi Punkgurl sorry your PM is not activated.I cant PM you
  15. Hi chezph Sorry for the misleading, this picture was taken when the carpentry was not fully installed thus explained the protruding. This is not a drawer.
  16. pinkwhale

    K Pro

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, looks like Mr K did another great job, ur living room and kitchen is turning out so well. Waiting for picture of other areas.. Congratulate!!
  17. Hi petetherock, Thanks for dropping by. I had been following ur tblog too before I start my Reno. Sorry to inform I do not know the name of the chair, just gotten the pic from some Taiwan ID website. Thanks for ur kind words...
  18. Dear, I must say your place is really cosy and lovely... True that it is indeed a lesson learnt but this will be a continuous lesson as you have to consider your MIL's feeling as well and this is super long run issue. No matter how, try not to further strain your relationship with her since the renovation is ending already, whatever passed just have to let it go and house you can always re-renovate in the future. But Family you cannot re-bulid... Really hope that things will be smooth for you and your family from now on... take care k.. Be strong and to your tolerance...
  19. pinkwhale

    K Pro

    Hi kk85 I have also been following your blog cos eager to see what new designs K will create this time, so pls share more pics and I must say your place is turning out very well the black framing from the TV console linking to the Lbox all the way is connecting with the black skirting so well. it really make an impact to the whole design. Congratulation to your renovation coming to an end soon... All the best
  20. Hi, so far to be frank I havent use the dryer even once, so I cant commend on the dryer function at all. As for the washing part it is so far so good. I dunno how to comment pros and cons cause this is my first WM and also first front load machine, in the past I dont really care so much about washing clothes.. haha but though pple say that front load is more gentle on clothes.. i do agree the clothes are not as tangled up as top load but still ironing is required.. but I heard this model already EOL (end of life)
  21. Sorry for the seldom logging in and thank you everyone for the continuous support of my T-blog despite I have nothing new to update. Saw Mr Paloma updated a series of photos of his lovely home, wanted very much to do the same but hahaha my place is so much in a mess - not as well kept as Mr and Mrs Palomas' house, thus so much delay to do it. And recently had been so busy with work and the frequet business trips also kept me so busy. Just came back from KL 2 days ago and need to fly India again on Monday Wanted to share some nice stuff I saw in KL used in one of the resturant...those who love honeycomb mosaic should be as excited as me. We were q-ing up for lunch and my colleague looked at me with weird eyes when I started snapping pictures of the floor.. haha... The whole design of it is so retro and the combination of the black and white mosaic is simply fantastic, shared these pics with our Mr K and he was equally by the designs... but he say these mosaic designs should be custom made or pre-fixed and the tiler just need to lay in big pc.. but Singapore seems to have only plain honeycomb... I told him I will share in my T-blog and he said if someone request him to do this design he will kill me Cos his tiler will probably kill him too... but I guess workmanship cost should be also
  22. Congrat on finding the right bedframe.. as for table slowly consider lo, its not a cheap item also.. you too.. have a great week ahead!!! Hi, frankly i dunno can take how heavy for the drawers... the carpenter ever told me dunno 50kg or 100kg.. for the big drawers.. i also dunno real or not.. but when its fully loaded, it closes quite slowly
  23. Dear, actually this is the exact place that I got my whole inspiration for my cement tv console with the raw plywood mixed with white laminate and cement combination. I fell in love with this the moment I saw it so I ask K to literally go down to this shop to see it and do EXACTLY like it.. And now this idea is like so popular haha.. Initially I thought is very easy to achieve this kind of effect and when K told me its not so cheap to do this style I still bargain super hard with him but apparently it's true as they need to use the good quality plywood and more workmanship is involve to sand it down and apply sealant etc..
  24. I had pm-ed all members asking for contacts...sorry for the big delay...
  25. Yes I bought the sink... so far I'm happy with it, its deep and width enough and no rusting till now... just scratches are inevitable...