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  1. tink the shops at park mall are higher end ones rite??? most prob would be over-budget
  2. Hi TYM, thanks for ur info... we need an original Chesterfield sofa. actually saw some Chesterfield sofa from this online shop .. their furniture are beautiful and quite affordable but we can't afford to wait for one month. tink the factory is in Indonesia, so need to wait for them to manufacture n ship to SG.
  3. Hi, Anyone knows where we can get Chesterfield sofa... hope to have a few choices. my company is looking at getting a 2+1+1 seater or 3+1+1 seater for our new shop.
  4. hihi, can check how much you got the chesterfield sofa for? my co. is looking at getting a set of chesterfield sofa for new shop.
  5. oh dear, hope u are feeling much better nw.
  6. so tis sat gathering at bliss is confirmed?
  7. u removed 2 wisdom tooths? tink remove one side shd nt be bruised ba.. i removed 4, they used some thing to hold the jaws apart for an hour.. the area was badly bruised n swollen until i could barely open my mouth due to the pain. was on a soft diet for a few days. my sis jokingly bring my nephew's doodle board ask mi write to them coz i juz refused to open my mouth n tok.
  8. dat time i also had stitches for a a week, next week ur gums shd be ok liao.. dun worry. ur jaws gt bruised anot (blue black)? bliss serves western food, here's the webbie. http://www.blissrestaurant.com.sg/6.html
  9. will ask tigerman n get back to ur asap.
  10. quiet good ma.. bliss is too crowded n noisy on weekends.
  11. brewsbaker is at basement.. there's a small staircase on the right ride here u can walk down..
  12. u mean bliss ar? it's nt bad. sengkang sports & recreation centre gt brewsbaker (under jack's place)... can chill out there too.
  13. nice layout!! i like the balcony and study.
  14. shd be able to custom made with contractor or ID.. saw a repeated telecast of a local show 2 wks ago.. they re-do the place n the son's bed as a custom-made hidden bed.. something like the pic u shown.. very nicely done.. nt sure which ID it was.