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  1. I have a white cot for sale. Please email me for price if you are interested. sophiawongcheng@hotmail.com
  2. Just moved to y new place with Soon Seng Movers. I am extremely pleased with the movers. The round was from the storage warehouse to my place. Very efficient and careful. The second move was from my moms placecto my new house. Same efficiency and care even though different team. They may not be the cheapest, but certainly in terms of service, they get ,y vote.
  3. It was recommended by the painter. Personally, I had no preference as long as it was lasting.
  4. I am offended. I am 8 months pregnant now and simply cannot clean a three storey house myself. I also do not think it will be fair for my maid to do so. Please consider the context before you make such insensitive comments.
  5. Has anyone got company to recommend to do post Reno cleaning?
  6. Hi, is it ok to say how much they are charging for the rooms and balcony? Do you need to go to the shop or they can come over with the samples?
  7. Closer view of the MBR toilet. The floor tiles are going to be those that look like wood strips. Have used it for my previous place and loved it.
  8. Some updates over the weekend. The new false ceiling for the MBR. The only room in the house that has downlights and cove lights.
  9. hopefully the wet works can complete by next week since my carpenter is coming in with the rest of the cabinets for the rooms as well. Cross my fingers that I can move my items from the warehouse by early October.
  10. MBR shower area wall tiles almost complete. Chosen a resort theme. This is the rest of the MBR toilet wall tiles. Doing the floor tiles as well.
  11. Thanks for the tip MingzhuAng. Hubbi went over yesterday to have a look. Seems ok liao. Cant even see the gaps since the actual sink is smaller. Heng ah. Wall tiles for wet kitchen almost complete.
  12. Almost had a heart attack yesterday. The carpenter used the wrong basin for the dry kitchen. Luckily I went over to have a look and alerted him. The actual basin is too small for the hole that he had cut. Carpenter says it can be rectified with more strips of wood to 'patch up'. I dun know........ Somemore the basin is going to be undermount below the granite top. Will it affect?
  13. Definitely from CCM. Got my Schneider switches for the entire house from there and saved us a great deal. Electrician quoted us double the price, so we bought directly from CCM and passed it to him for fixing.
  14. Original 3rd floor configuration Original 2nd floor confi original 1st floor confi