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  1. The transition from Xin Mao year (2011) to Ren Chen year (2012) will take place on 4 Feb 2012. Always use 4 Feb of each solar calendar year as the transition to the next animal sign.
  2. Hi, For application of 8 Mansions, use house gua. House gua is based on the 8 house-facing directions. Life gua is only used for sleeping and stove direction for each individual.
  3. Hi All Kitchen lovers, don't worry so much about the kitchen's feng shui. It is only a small component of your house's overall feng shui. The main factor is the surrounding mountains and water around the building or landed property. If the external Qi is good, you may be able to tap into it with the help of a competent FSM. Everybody, including plenty of those half-baked masters, spend so much time focusing on the areas like dining room, living room and toilet when all these hardly have an effect on your house's feng shui. The one factor that matters most - the external - is excluded from any meaningful debate and discussion. It's like studying 5 topics which are not in the syllabus. Everybody missed out on the one topic that would appear in the exam.
  4. Hi, if it's possible, just place a potted plant that is about 3 feet tall next to the sharp edge. This is a common problem for apartment units with common corridor. Any type of plant would be fine.
  5. Hi, for a start, there's no missing sector which is one plus point for internal environment. the most impt factor is the external environment which should be assessed by a qualified FSM, not the typical half-baked FSM. If your external is not beneficial, then there's little good Qi for you to tap into. If the external is good, then you need to know if your main door is located in the right direction. Even if it's not, there's nothing you could do as you are not allowed to move your main door unless you stay in landed property. Those FSMs I had tried in the past all walked into my house and started turning it into a museum with their recommendations of dragons, horses and paintings. None talked about the external except for "ok lah" remark. I don't think they were even trained to do a proper assessment of mountains and water in the surroundings in the first place. They were ornament salespeople carrying a luopan. So don't sweat on the minute stuff like what colours to paint, what furniture to buy, fire/water clash in kitchen. Your feng shui is already decided largely by the external, not internal.
  6. It could come in the form of road accident, loss of money, legal suit etc. Could be anything from bad to very bad.
  7. There are lots of practices being infused into classical feng shui. A red dot or even a thousand red dots painted anywhere will not affect your feng shui nor your neighbour's feng shui. It's not so easy to sabotage somebody's fortune. Examples of Taoist practices are hanging a ba gua mirror or a round mirror with a writing brush or pasting yellow paper on top of main door.
  8. Feng shui has nothing to do with Chinese ghost month. In fact, date selection for moving house, getting married, opening a new shop or office, start new job etc does not preclude a date that falls within Chinese ghost month. Chinese ghost month is a Taoist belief. Feng shui is not. The only thing you have to watch out for is the annual 5 Yellow Star which is in the East sector in 2011. Closing a good date to hack or drill in this sector would be advisable. If you have already hacked or drilled the East sector, the bad effects cant be reversed but would taper off by end of this year.
  9. Hi, 1) absolutely no problem. Dining table has no feng shui effect. In fact, all the furniture has no effect on your house's feng shui. Also, dining room location has no feng shui effect. The external environment and the location of your main door together accounts for 75% of the feng shui. Location of kitchen and bedroom being the remaining 25%. 2) The purpose of a mirror is to reflect light so that you can comb your hair. A mirror being placed with a writing brush is an infusion of Taoism into feng shui and has no basis at all. It will not affect your fortune. Don't be upset or uncomfortable with this. It's not so easy for anyone to sabotage your feng shui as your fortune on earth is decided by your own bazi chart. The feng shui of your house just decide on fast you make your next million or how much hardship you have to go through to make your next.
  10. For apartment unit, the FS is more or less fixed once you purchase the unit as you cannot change the location of you main door. Can you change the external environment as well ? No, you can't. Don't worry about what you place or do not place as they will not affect your feng shui ie. ornaments, paintings, cyrstals, wall colours, furniture colours etc do not decide your house's feng shui at all. As for whether your kids can excel in studies, a lot is already decided by their bazi charts. If your hubby does not want to consult a FSM, I think this could be a wise decision. Even if you get a FSM, chances are that you get defective advice as the std of FSMs in S'pore is very low. This is the sad state of the industry here.
  11. This is a very tedious calculation. If you're in your 30's, the FSM has to examine year by year for next half a century to see the potential for death and then drill down to the month. Yes, some charts have higher potential to be involved in fatal road accidents than others. However, the consultant should be able to tell you what is your potential health issue(s) ie. the body part(s) most vulnerable to illness. You can take preventative measures to treat this body part before the problem flares. Use traditional chinese medicine, rather than do surgery which is more expensive and intrusive. This is the kind of insurance that you should be using. Bazi consultants usually prefer to discuss life than death. They are paid to tell you what you should do between now and death.
  12. Hi Skinny, Get a proper flying star chart mapped out based on building facing direction and the Period (6,7 or 8?)of the building. The main internal factor is the facing star residing at the main door. Once you have a good star there, your family is already using it everyday by opening and closing the door. The main door alone accounts for more than half of the internal factor. Remember- prosperous qi in, prosperous qi out. bad qi in, bad qi out. Then look at the facing star of the kitchen and the sitting star at each of the bedrooms. Furniture is hardly a factor, so just buy whatever colours and design your wife prefers. Don't sweat over the small stuff. And dont bother about ornaments, crystals, paintings. If you want to buy them just as wealth generators, maybe a better idea would be to buy your wife a surprise present. Marriage is sustained by love, affection and communication, not a pair of mandarin ducks on display. Just don't clutter up the space next to the main door. The other 50% (or arguably more) of the feng shui would be the external environment which is already fixed. eg. water and mountains should conform to direct/indirect spirit.
  13. Maybe you can post your bazi and e-mail here and see if any forumer can interpret it. Then compare it to a FSM's interpretation and you can see the std of FSM in S'pore.
  14. No, the move-in date is the day the family members move in together with the furniture. As long as it doesnt clash with the animal sign of each and every family member, it's ok. This is the most important thing you want to avoid- its called the Personal Breaker Day.
  15. Hi Reine, just switch the fridge position with that of the wash basin. No need to worry about the toilet being too close to the kitchen. The most impt internal factor for the house is the location and facing of your main door, which you cant change. As for the external factors- well, you can't control either as these are the water (roads) and mountains (very tall buildings) in the vicinity.