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  1. Looking for honest reliable Reno firm

    1. Tyhwin


      Looking for renovation firm? 

  2. Hi,

    he told me that I will spent alot this year and turns out to be true. I asked him about my luck, he said its better for me just work and not think of being lucky too much.

    So luck and wealth did not improve.

    I do not hv any negative comments on him.

  3. hi, i understand that you have engaged master chang, may i know the outcome. ie. luck/ health/ wealth/ etc improve?

    wats your review about him?

  4. Got my lights from lighting.com. They dun mark up their price at 100% like one shop which my ID brought me to. Luckily for me, I chance upon lighting.com and i save $300.
  5. I am no contractor.... ;-) genuinely providing honest and personal feedbacks

  6. I have been waiting for G plan quotation for a month liao. If they not interested to do my business at least give a courtesy call as they agreed to give me a quotation. So now they become my customers, i have to call and ask?
  7. Allow me to share. Went to IMM to ask for a few quotations. Went to G Plan, at first was serve by a lady with specs. Then she don't seems quite sure and so she asked a man to serve us. He was around 60 plus. When i told him my budget was $15k, as my new house has flooring and basic stuff. His face immediately turn colour and said, $15k not enough. I told me what i wanted and ask him to quote. It was 1 mth ago, no news from him. Think better avoid this shop for good.
  8. Understand ;-) Will share the photo if I have the time> I am a lousy and lazy person to do a write lor... hehe
  9. Sorry I not good in writing long intro. I got my keys last week at punggol, then i started to surf the net for ID or contractors and even fengshui. So I found this renotalk. Pple sharing their experiences here. I have been reading and thanks to their contribution, I finally narrow down to 2 reno company and 1 fengshui master. yes I did not post to ask question from the threads I read. And yes this is my first post just to share, like what others did ;-) I may post at punggol forum too if i have the time, but will be under different user name.
  10. Hi Edenstrauss, Thanks for the caution :-) actually, i didn't even ask where his company is when i met him, as i trust my friend who recommended Mr chan to me completely. He is a very gd friend of mine who i have known him for many years. And whenever i want some advice or lobang, he never disappoint me. I am sure he will not intro me someone without a license to do this. Maybe when I see him again, when he comes down to install, I will slowly dig out where is his company and more abt him ;-)
  11. Hi all, Just to share if anyone is looking to install aircon. One of my friend introduced him, Mr chan to me, My friend has introduced Mr Chan to his other friends too and till now, they have no complain abt him. One thing good abt him than other providers i found is that, he will make a few trips to install for new flat. Though I just met him and the work has not begun yet, but from what he explained to me, seems like he is quite service orientated. 1st he will come down to explain to you how the trunking gg to be run and he will give u a few options and explain to you the pros and cons. After decided on the placement of blower and the trunking, 2nd he will co ordinate with the reno contractor. He will do the trunking 1st without installing the blower. 3rd once the reno has completed, then he will fix the blower. This is gd as, you need not worry workers on yr aircon while doing reno. He is also using gd quality materials and from the conversation with him, he goes for go quality rather than cheap material and not durable. Yes his price maybe abit more expensive than other company. Payment wise, after everything is installed then pay up. As mentioned earlier, this is just to share, as I did encountered poor workmanship and quality when i first install aircon from other company. Water leak from my trunking just after a few months. Talk to him and he will tell you of the current tactics other companies used to lower the cost.