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  1. Dear All, Thanks for all your comments... In the end, I still can't move thanks to my contractor! STILL not completed ... Sigh... I think a better estimate is May le
  2. Dear peeps... Really need some advice here. Found this contractor through recommendations, saw his works at a place he just renovated, we felt comfortable with him and decided to take up his service. In the end, from the initial promise of completing by 8 March so that we can be at our new place to celebrate our daughter's birthday to now... we are still no where near to moving in. If we count back, its already 2 months. When I questioned him, he pushed the blame to my electrician. Argh! This one aside.. since so slow, we should expect good quality rite... the answer is NO! I found chips on my table tops... my solid top scratched... the formica was pasted like patchworks in pieces ... What can I do ... Worse of all, he intends to charge me $1300 for a sliding door beneath the window...
  3. thanks for the positive view.. i had tat similar tots like spend so much renovating and leave it there... hahaha
  4. I got a mth end date but my hubby is not ard
  5. Yes... it's like u noe when u hear say... duno to take the risk too
  6. Due to the delay in my renovation, now it can be completed only by end March ... so left with 2 options.. move in April which is the Lunar March Mth... or leave the place empty till the whole Qingming mth is over then shift... Which is a better option?
  7. this topic is getting scary... actually we bought the place cox this was the only place my son was comfortable with it and wants to come down to play... since everyone say kids are the best judge.. we just bought it
  8. HI Mae, I love the clean look of your home especially your kitchen. As the FSM said that my home is too dark so we need to brighten it up as much as possible. So thought of doing an all-white kitchen like yours but since we cook everyday, I am wondering is it very hard to maintain?
  9. Most of the time it will be my maid who will be doing the cleaning... so not sure will the condition be horrible after a while... Else I will really love an all-white kitchen.
  10. Hi, I love white!! However, the practical side of me comes into play especially coz all the maintainence will be done by the maid.. is it easy to maintain???
  11. Hi Potatoes.. I love your kitchen.. tot of doing something like this for my home.. but how's the maintance of the white kitchen cabinets... will it dirty easily..
  12. I am just worried that white kitchen cabinets will turn yellow over the yrs then it will be really yucky