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  1. Hi All, I would like to check for those who purchase Panasonic NA-148VG3, 10kg.. do you experience loud sound from the washer especially during the start of rinsing and spinning? I experience this during wash, and worried that this noise will disturb my neighbour downstairs.. I called Panasonic and they send someone to take a look.. the technician came down and said this is normal for this model.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply, the smell is not silicon... the smell is emit from the base of the kitchen sink..
  3. Hi All, I would like to check if anyone experience unbearable strong smell (something like chemical smells) from the undercoating (greyish color) of your kitchen sink? I check on internet that this undercoating is to absorbs sound, protects against condensation and helps maintain sink water temperature. However, this undercoating emits this strong smell makes me & my wife uncomfortable. Especially when open the cabinet below the sinks. If you do have this type of sink, do you have this kind of problem? If yes, how do you remove the smell? My sink brand is Monic (dunno with model), with 70:30 split By the way, the smell is not mouldy smells. Thanks
  4. hi gkbt, Thank you for the reply. I have since contact btbtrading. Yes, unfortunately, my kitchen tap is not of a standard size. Thank you
  5. Hi All, May I know where I can find the cleansui tap adaptor (CL540)? My brother gifted me a cleansui faucet water filter MD101 (japanese market version), they don't include the adaptor above. adaptor look like this. Anyone got spare? thanks a lot
  6. Hi, Hijack this old thread a bit. My current kitchen renovation will not have tiles behind the kitchen cabinet. I would like to ask, since that part of wall is without tiles, how it should be treated normally? Screeding (smooth surface), plastering or normal cement (rough surface, unlike screeding)? Thanks
  7. thanks a lot for point me right,, thanks again
  8. HI All, I would like to seek opinion on the piping at bathroom. May I know for conceal piping, usually what type of pipe are use?? Copper or Stainless steel? Also, for joint at the piping, is it normal to have slight seepage?? I can feel some joint are wet (but not to extend of dripping. Advice are very much appreciate Thank you
  9. Hi Thanks, I need assurance that this model is really working, thanks again do you mind to PM me where did you get it in M'sia? By the way, Any idea how to maintain the cove lighting area?? how to clean the dust?
  10. Hi, May i know how much did you paid for Joven i70p instant water heater?? How does it perform? Thanks
  11. Hi Serene, i am looking for electrician as well. Do you mind to PM me their contact (preferably email if any) Thanks in advance
  12. read through your t-blog, i like your house reno very much come think of it again, are you the couple that appear in Bryan Wong & Kelvin cooking show??
  13. i'm quite like the common toilet wall... can't wait for the finish product