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  1. Hi ya'll, I'm planning to go on a road trip to M'sia . Last stop wld be KL. The plan is to just go with the flow and discover intresting places along the way. Like if We see a nice place , we might stop by and stay for the night to explore and continue the road trip the next day. I'll be using my GPS as well, and there's another couple coming with us too. So there'll be 2 drivers. I know M'sia has many beautiful places to go to and they're just not so commecial / discovered yet. Have anyone come across any intresting places while driving thru KL ? Maybe a good place to eat ? If you have , pls let me know !
  2. I did look up the legal aid. But his annual income is $12k/ annum. So he does not qualify coz to apply legal aid, his income must be $10k/annum. But i'm not too sure this amount is before or after CPF. The contact number provided does not have any operators to answer any enquries. I also did consider getting a PI, but I can't afford to pay on my own and my bro in law can't afford it as well. We just met the girl's family last night , seeking permission to take the kids home, my bro in law is also present. To keep things short , we were fooled by the in laws, who said that my bro in law already filed for divorce , so the wife has FULL custody till judge give final orders. When I asked where are the rights of the father, they told me he has NO RIGHTS! And refuse to let us take the kids , even when we provide them with our address & contact number. When I asked which law states that the father has no rights ? They are not divorced yet !! They said this is law by the women's charter ! Since We didn't want to make a scene , we left the house but did inform them that we'll be coming back on Friday to pick the kids up.
  3. You guys need to bear in mind that this is ONLY an example of rules which some of my friends or neighbours need help translating. And though Malay & Indon language sounds similiar , the meaning may not be the same. Frankly speaking , wld you allowed your maid to dye her hair, wear make up and talk to her HP with god knows who ? Some of my colleagues are facing this problem, and the maid wld sneak outta the hse when she recieves a phone call. Hence the rules depends on the situation you are in. Of coz anyone with enough common sense would know how to treat another human being. It's a matter of how they choose to treat their maids.
  4. Yup , can be used. As for the smell, there's usually no smell after the vineger dries up. If your kitchen doors are matt laminates , then it's ok, if it's hi-glosss like mine, dry blotches will appear , unless you use a dry cloth to wipe dry the area. I used to wipe my kitchen laminate doors with thinner like once a mth . Now I use rubbing alcohol. It works better and is safe for contact with the skin. It has a number of general medicinal and household uses
  5. Thought you guys might find this useful. I also use it to fix my broken eyeshadow and pressed powder. Rubbing alcohol is 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and 30 percent water, and is safe for contact with the skin. It has a number of general medicinal and household uses. This list of ideas makes having a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the house a good idea Remove hair spray and toothpaste from mirrors When you are spritzing your head with hair spray, some of it inevitably winds up on the mirror, same goes for the toothpaste ! A quick wipe with rubbing alcohol will whisk away that sticky residue and leave your mirror sparkling clean. Clean venetian blinds Rubbing alcohol does a terrific job of cleaning the slats of venetian blinds. To make quick work of the job, wrap a flat tool -- a spatula or maybe a 6-inch (15-centimeter) drywall knife -- in cloth and secure with a rubber band. Dip in alcohol and go to work. Keep windows sparkling and frost-free Do your windows frost up due to the aircon? Wash them with a solution of 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol to 1 quart (1 liter) water to prevent the frost. Polish the windows with newspaper after you wash them to make them shine. Prevent ring around the collar To prevent your neck from staining your shirt collar, wipe your neck with rubbing alcohol each morning before you dress. Feels good too. Clean your phone , laptop and keyboard Is your phone getting a bit grubby? Wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. It'll remove the grime and disinfect at the same time. One of the advantages of rubbing alcohol is that it evaporates so quickly once you apply it to something Remove ink stains Did you get ink on your favorite shirt or dress? Try soaking the spot in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes before putting the garment in the wash. Erase permanent markers Did Junior decide to decorate your countertop with a permanent marker? Don't worry, most countertops are made of a nonpermeable material such as plastic laminate or marble. Rubbing alcohol will dissolve the marker back to a liquid state so you can wipe it right off. Remove dog ticks Ticks hate the taste of rubbing alcohol as much as they love the taste of your dog. Before you pull a tick off Fido, dab the critter with rubbing alcohol to make it loosen its grip. Then grab the tick as close to the dog's skin as you can and pull it straight out. Dab again with alcohol to disinfect the wound. This works on people too. Get rid of fruit flies The next time you see fruit flies hovering in the kitchen, get out a fine-misting spray bottle and fill it with rubbing alcohol. Spraying the little flies knocks them out and makes them fall to the floor, where you can sweep them up. The alcohol is less effective than insecticide, but it's a lot safer than spraying poison around your kitchen. Make a shapeable ice pack The problem with ice packs is they won't conform to the shape of the injured body part. Make a slushy, conformable pack by mixing 1 part rubbing alcohol with 3 parts water in a self-closing plastic bag. The next time that sore knee acts up, wrap the bag of slush in a cloth and apply it to the area. Ahhh! Stretch tight-fitting new shoes This doesn't always work, but it sure is worth a try: If your new leather shoes are pinching your feet, try swabbing the tight spot with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. Walk around in the shoes for a few minutes to see if they stretch enough to be comfortable. If not, the next step is to take them back to the shoe store. Clean bathroom fixtures Just reach into the medicine cabinet the next time you need to clean chrome bathroom fixtures. Pour some rubbing alcohol straight from the bottle onto a soft, absorbent cloth and the fixtures. No need to rinse -- the alcohol just evaporates. It does a great job of making chrome sparkle, plus it will kill any germs in its path. Minimize reactions to earrings If you take a bit of rubbing alcohol and apply it to the post of your earrings, then it will help the earring insert far more smoothly. Also, take some rubbing alcohol on a tissue and rub it around your ear. Remove Stickiness Have you ever bought a picture frame only to find that the price sticker won't come off? I mean you tried everything and the residue is still sitting right dab smack on the glass of your new frame. Soak a cotton ball in some plain rubbing alcohol and place the soaked cotton ball on the sticker. The trick is to let it sit for a minute or so until the alcohol has penetrated the sticker and sticky residue. Then rub the cotton ball over the sticker and watch it all just wipe away! Clean a Skipping CD or DVD When finger prints grace the backside of your DVD's and CD's they are likely to skip and not perform well. A neat, very inexpensive trick is to spritz the CD or DVD with some alcohol and wipe with a clean, lint free cloth. The finger prints will literally dissolve when the alcohol hits it Remove wax from carpet If you had a beeswax candle that spilled on your carpet, you can use rubbing alcohol to help remove the wax. Start by pulling the largest clumps of beeswax from the carpet. Once removed, you can dab the carpet with a paper towel soaked with rubbing alcohol to remove the remnants. Helps with mosquito bites Rubbing alcohol can actually help with mosquito bites a lot better than store-bought remedies. Just rub it on the bites and it will dry them out bringing quick relief.
  6. Hi all... I have recently draft out some rules & regulations for my maid and lots of my friends have requested from me as well. Thought I might as well share with you guys as some of you may not know how to translate the rules in Indon. I hope this will help better communicate with the maids. Translation is below Auturan 1 - Tidak di benarkan memiliki talipon bimbit ( handphone ) 2 - Kuku harus sentiasa pendek and tiada warna 3 - Di larangkan keluar tampa iizn 4 -Tidak boleh mamakai bahan solek 5- Jika memakai cincin telinga , harus yang sederhana 6 - Tidak boleh menonton telivision tampah izin 7 - Tidak boleh menguna radio tampah izin 8 - Tidak di benarkan membawa tamu di rumah 9 -Tidak boleh tidur , langkah , pijak , duduk di sofa + ranjang 10 - Rambut harus di potong pendek setiap 6 bulan and tiada warna 11 - Semua kerja rumah harus lengkap sebelum kamu tidur 12 - Tidak dibenarkan memukul , tampar atau penyalahgunaan anak Ibu 13 - Kamu akan di hantar balik jikalau ada teman laki , mencuri , bohong atau berjudi 14 - Jika mahu hubungi di Indonesia , 1 bulan sekali - 15 minuits - Call card harus di bayar sendiri 15 - Jika kamu mahu pulang sebelum kontrak selesai , kamu harus membayar tiket kamu sendiri 16 - Kamu harus kompensasi uang jumlah SGD $100 jikalau kamu mahu pulang sebelum kontrak selesai 17 - Beri tahu jika kamu keprihatinan , bingung atau ada masalah Saya , ___________________________________memahami ketentuan kondisi dan setuju untuk mematuhi aturan yang telan tertulis di atas. __________________________ __________________________ Name & Tandatangan FDW Name & Tandatangan majikan English Translation House Rules 1 You are not allowed to own a HP 2 Fingernails must be kept short & no nail polish 3 Not allowed to leave the house w/o permission 4 No using of make up 5 Simple ear ring can be worned 6 No watching TV w/o pemission 7 No listening to radio w/o pemission 8 No guest is allowed in the house 9 No sleeping , walking , stepping or sitting on the bed & sofa 10 Hair will be cut short every 6 mths and no hair dye 11 All chores must be completed before you go to sleep 12 You are not allowed to hit , slap or abuse my kid 13 You will be sent home if you hav a BF , steal , lie or gamble 14 If u wish to call home , 1 mth / once - 15 min - Call card pay yourself 15 If u wish to go home b4 ur contract ends , you pay ur own airfare 16 You must compensate me SGD$100 if u wish to leave b4 ur contract ends 17 Talk to me if you are confused ,or are having problems I , ___________________ understand the terms & condition and agree to abide to the rules stated above ____________________ _________________ Name & signature - FDW Name & signature - Employer Of coz you don't have to follow all the rules stated. This is just an example. If you need any translation in Indon , let me know. I'll try and help
  7. I use Vinegar. It can be used for : Killer of Bacteria, Mold & Germs * Grease Cutter * Floor Cleaner * Windows * Toilet Bowl Deodorizer * Fabric Softener * Furniture Cleaner * Drain Clearer * Brass Cleaner Vinegar naturally cleans like an all-purpose cleaner. Mix a solution of 1 part water to 1 part vinegar in a new store bought spray bottle and you have a solution that will clean most areas of your home. Vinegar is a great natural cleaning product as well as a disinfectant and deodorizer. Always test on an inconspicuous area. It is safe to use on most surfaces and has the added bonus of being incredibly cheap. Improperly diluted vinegar is acidic and can eat away at tile grout. Never use vinegar on marble surfaces. Don't worry about your home smelling like vinegar. The smell disappears when it dries. I've personally tried these and it's works , plus it's cheap and enviromentally safe ! Hope this helps
  8. Anyways...It's your house. At the end of the day, do what makes you happy ok. If you house have big windows shd not be a problem !! This is what my kitchen flooring looks like , black/greyish matt tiles ( cement screen look ), with a touch of hi gloss black tiles.
  9. Hi hi... I once did considered black tiles for my hse. But decided against it. Althought it looks sleek & nice, ALOT of maintenance is required. Firstly , dust & footprints can be seen easily, so alot of sweeping & mopping is required. Plus black tiles are highly reflective. Unless you're using matt tiles. I went to a tile showroom , place a black tile on the floor and stood over it. My panties can be seen very clearly !!! Imagine if you have a guest wearing a skirt... very embarrasing. In the end , I just placed a few black tiles...to create an intresting look..heehee My Black MBR toilet
  10. Latest update. My "friend" / tenant has moved out at the end of Aug. I started to notice that his stuff was all packed a few days ago, but he didn't tell me anything. He'll just ignore me whenever we bump into each other around the hse. Then came one morning when I left my room and my maid inform me that my friend had pass her the keys . I was kinda dumbfounded that he didn't even have the courtesy to give the keys to me personally as i was in the house. There was no note , no thank you. He didn't even sms me or my husband. He still owes us 1 mth rent , which is $300. We were very dissapointed. My hubby says, we welcomed him into our house and he left like a thief ! I'm planning to msg him and ask him when I can get my rent and I want him to come over personally with his GF and give them a piece of my mind. I am so pissed off.
  11. During my stay at my previous house, there was this auntie , always dressed like a mamasan. Regardless of time, she always switch on her TV / Radio full blast , and will open the door. Her unit is directly opposite mind. Very cialet. 1 incident that got me real mad was , after I gave birth , I was waiting for the confinement lady to come by for a massage .She never came , so I thought she forgot. I then found out she actually came , knocking and pressing my door bell, but I cldn't hear coz of the music blasting from her unit. So next day , I took ALL my speakers and place it at the front door and played " Rage against the machine " hahahhahahha I live on the 11th floor , my hubby cld hear the music from the 1st floor. After that incident , she no longer played loud music , if she does , she'll close the door. :D
  12. Have spoken to my friend / tenant regarding his arrears and he said he'll pay me end of the mth. Makes me wonder ... he has money all this time but just don't wanna pay ? Shall wait till end of mth and see how. Sometimes I do wonder , why are pple so ungrateful ! I don't owe him anything and I'm not obligated to take care or his well being. I even used to wash & fold his laundry when he 1st just moved it. Till I thought to myself, "ehh, this ain't my job" ! Things change drastically when we shifted to 4 rm & got a car. I don't know if it's envy or jealously. Pple started talking , saying we have bigger hse , got car. So we sombong already !! It's not even a luxary car !! We didn't even tell anyone we were upgradeing or buying a car. Coz It's not really a big deal to us.Anyone can have all these , but soon after that , everything change. Sigh....
  13. Oh ya..Hmmm... Maybe I'll keep his prized watches as collateral and explain to him nicely that I'll keep his watches in a safe place, until he pays me the rest of his rent , plus there no damage to any items in my house on the day he leaves. Is it too much ?
  14. Thks you guys for all the advise. I have just SMS him and told him he needs to move out coz we need to utilise the room. Thats it. He has untill Oct to find a new place. Thought of giving him till Sep , but hubby say let him have enough time, So Oct it is. He just replied " OK " , so now, I'm not bothered. It's out in the open , if he wants to bear grudges , so be it. Friends come & go and I'm willing to let this one go.
  15. Have told my maid to call me 1st whenever he wants her to run errans for him, so he will know that I'm aware thats he's using my maid. As for eating our food, I'm ok if he wants to eat some, and have many times reminded him , if wanna eat some , it's ok, but don't finish the whole thing. Leave some for others. But apparently , my words are forgotten. Haiz...
  16. Hi all , I need advise. Our friend / tenant has been staying with us for over 2 yrs now. Things was fine at 1st , but got rather frustrating. As me & my hubby share common friends with my tenant , there were many occasions where friends wld come over to my place without my knowledge. Although all are welcome to come over , but my friend doesn't bother to even ask us 1st if we're fine with pple coming over. I did state rules to him , like no visitors , esp GFs when we're not home. These past 2 years , he has brought home 4 diff GFs to hangout @ my place or sleepover. His current GFs was nice & polite , so I didn't mind , but she got soooo comfortable , she doesn't even bother to acknowledge me now when I'm home. It's like we're transperant. He's drinks all my Milo within days , forgets to switch off fan / lights. And eats our food without asking permission. He was even late ( 7 mths ) in paying his rental which was only $300/mth. Told me his pay is only $1.2K , which I don't belive. The nature of his job pays at least $100/day ! I found a notebook in his room , and there's a list of things he wanna buy, like a designer bag for his GF , Tag Hauer watch , Tiffany & Co rings...all ex stuff but can't pay my rent !! He uses my husband's laptop like nobody's business. And my maid wld wash his laundry and iron his clothes. Even when I told him that my maid is not suppose to do all these things for him. $300 / mth is for the room only , not food and maid services. If he wants to , he needs to pay an extra $30 ONLY , which I thought was reasonable.He wld send my maid to the shops to buy for him ciggs , newspaper, etc... So now , my patience is running thin and I can't stand his GF attitude, likes she owns my hse ! How do I tell him to move out ?
  17. Idea came about with the intention for buying bags for friends & relatives get designer bags from factory outlets / retailers in US. I'm not affilliated to Coach or Kate Spade, and I'm not their sales rep. I just buy in bulk and save on shipping cost. The bags I'm selling is affordable coz I don't intend to make alot of profit unlike other sellers. All my items can be verified at any Kate Spade or Coach Retailer You can view my items at www.uberpazzion.spruz.com Here's a few items I have...to see more , go to my website. Cheers ~
  18. Hi hi , sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for your great intrest. But unfortunatly , I've stopped painting for awhile. Due to the nature of the work , I have suffered back pains due to painting at awkward positions. So far I've only painted 2 walls , which was my own home . Even that is unfinished due to my constant back pain. And since I also have a full time job , can't squeeze in time with work , family & painting. The response I got was overwhelming and I thank all you guys for your support !
  19. Got this idea coz I'm tired of keeping my bags in the dust bags. So I brought some boxes from Ikea. It's on sale anyway. These cost only $2.50 x 2 pcs. Of coz if your item is bigger , you'll need a bigger box. I recomend boxes from Daiso as well , it's only $2. Best to get those foldable ones. Items you need : Scissors / cutter Scotch Tape Ruler Pencil Roll of plastic sheet - Popular bookstore Eeks..need a manicure asap !! Hope you guys enjoy my lil project
  20. Regular blinds (Venetian Blinds ) Clean by brushing off the slats with e.g. ordinary soft, clean dust cloths or vcuum cleaner brush attachments at regular intervals. To wash: use a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergent with warm or cold water. The blinds can also be taken down, placed in a tub of mild soapy water, then rinsed clean, wiped dry or allow to dry completely in the open air. If you brush off dust on the blinds every week will reduce the need to clean by water. Wood blinds Wood blinds is NOT recommended to be washed. Dust regularly as above. Stained wood blinds should be treated periodically with lemom oil or other wood preservative to protect their finish and enhance their luster. Roller shades Light dusting with a feather duster, soft cloth or low suction vacuum attachnment. Do not clean with harsh detergents. Vertical Fabric Clean by vacuum Vertical Vynle Clean by wiping with mild soap and water Celluar Blinds Clean by frequent dusting Drapes and Valence Clean by frequent dusting and vacuum,usually cleaned by professional cleaner with minor repair once every year.
  21. Recently moved in to a corner unit in April. Only 4 neighbours , 2 on each side. My neighbour is Philipine ,rented the unit just over a year ago. Very friendly.They have a 2 mths old baby & 4 year old kid, thought he was very cute at 1st. Always stand outside my door smiling. Thought it was great as I have only 1 kid whos 7 yrs old , so the neighbour's kid can be his playmate. At 1st , my son wld play his skate scooter and bicycle outside the corridor with him , as kids will always be noisy , I invited the kid to play inside my house and the mum doesn't seem to mind. All **** breaks loose soon after , as he starts rummaging through my kitchen cabinet , fridge , all my room and my son's toys ! I wld tell him nicely that he can't do that , and he scream like crazy ! Aiyoh , I was so shocked . He'll ransacked my son's toys and refuse to give it back . In the end I gave him my son's old toy and told him that it was late but he refuse to go home. Even my son was terrified of this lil boy. Now , I refuse to allow him inside my house and my son only plays with him for a couple of mins. But everyday , he'll stand outside my gate and call out for my son. When we ignore him , he'll climb our gate and kick and bang it. Once he even tried to squeeze between the gates to try and get inside my house. My mum wld just look and never once wld tell him to stop. Plus , the 2 mths old baby cries NONSTOP , day & night ! And whenever the baby cries , the mum wld carry the baby outside and let it scream & wail. Why I don't know ! Don't understand why she cant do it indoors.Sometimes , she'll sit on the corridor , facing my door and let the baby cry and wail while she try and catch a glimpse of my house. Sigh..... Bad enough I have to watch out for her crazy sucidal kid , then I have to bear with the constant crying of the baby. Now I only open my doors when they're out or when the baby's asleep and the kid is nowhere in sight...
  22. Me & hubby will openly kiss and cuddle with my son ard. He'll always tease us , but we'll tell him that we're married, so it's ok to show affection to each other. That it's ok to do it as long as the couple is married. I think that kids shd see us share a brief kiss or a hug here and there. My parents never did that stuff in front of us. I never saw my mum kiss my dad or even hug him. I have had to work really hard and only now have I been able to show public affection to the love of my life..... "Making love" isn't just s##, but hugging, kissing, and generally being affectionate. I want my son see that we love one another...not only does it give him good self-esteem and stability in his live (because they know that they came from love and share in it as a family, even if they can't express that in such terms), but it shows him how to love and how to love modestly.
  23. I love vinegar. Don't get me wrong. It's as close to a miracle cleaner as anything I've ever found. But sometimes, people go a little far in their expectations of vinegars abilities. Believe it or not, there are a few things that vinegar should not be used to clean. Answer: Diluted vinegar works great on a lot of surfaces. It's an amazing cleaner. But here are some things that vinegar shouldn't be used to clean... 1. Hardwood Floors-Vinegar is acidic and will dull and damage the finish on hardwood floors. Opt instead for a hardwood floor cleaner that will enhance and protect the shine and surface of your floor. 2. No Wax Floors- Vinegar's acidity will take away the shine and sheen here as well. 3. Carpet Odors- Often vinegar is suggested to be used on pet stains on carpet, but it doesn't work as well as an enzymatic carpet cleaner. Vinegar might mask the odor, but it won't eliminate the reason for the odor. 4. Unsealed Grout- Grout that hasn't been sealed, or needs to be resealed should not have vinegar used on it. Over time, vinegar can deteriorate the condition of your grout. 5. Stone Surfaces- Stone surfaces can be etched and damaged by vinegar. For best results check with your stone supplier for guidance on vinegar and the best cleaners. Often, all that is needed is water and a soft cloth to keep your stone looking great. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cheap Grease Remover Grease build up on the stovetop or counter top can be a bear to remove – unless you’re using the right cleaner. So what is the right cleaner? Vinegar! Just soak a sponge or rag in vinegar, and use it to wipe down the greasy surface. It’ll cut through the grease and grime in one easy step. Why This Works The acetic acid in vinegar eats through the grease, saving you scrubbing time and frustrations. Benefits of Cleaning with Vinegar inexpensive no harsh chemicals or fumes safe for most surfaces safe for use around pets and kids Warnings 1) Do not use on marble 2) Test on a small area before using on finished wood surfaces or tile 3) As with any cleaner, you should avoid all contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner Cleaners don't have to be pricey or chemical-laden to be effective. In fact, they don't even have to be store-bought. Create your own all-purpose cleaner by filling a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water. Then, shake up the mixture, and you're ready for your next cleaning spree. Why This Works The acetic acid in vinegar kills viruses, germs, bacteria and mold. It also dissolves tough mineral deposits and stains like those found in sinks, toilets and tubs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Microwave Oven Cleaning Made Easy Tired of battling all of the baked on food in your microwave? Well, guess what? You can finally put away all of the cleaners and elbow grease. Vinegar is the answer ! Just fill a microwave-safe bowl with a mixture of half vinegar and half water, and nuke it for two minutes. Then, dip a sponge into the vinegar-water solution, and use it to wipe the food off of the walls of the microwave. It'll fall right off – no strong-arming required. Why This Works Heating the vinegar and water steams all of the food off, while the acetic acid in the vinegar sanitizes and deodorizes your microwave. Think of it as science at its frugal best. Warnings 1) The vinegar-water solution will be very hot after heating. Wear gloves to protect your hands. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Homemade Stainless Steel Cleaner Fed up with fingerprints on your stainless steel appliances? Skip the pricey stainless steel cleaners, and head to your pantry for an easy fix: What You Need: White vinegar An empty spray bottle A cleaning cloth What You Do: Fill a spray bottle with undiluted white vinegar. Then, spray on all of your stainless steel surfaces, and wipe dry with a soft cleaning cloth. Simple and effective! Why This Works: The acetic acid in the vinegar cuts through the oil left behind by fingertips, rather than smearing it around like a lot of other cleaners. Warnings: 1) Do not reuse empty cleaner bottles. Buy a new bottle to use for your vinegar spray 2) As with any cleaner, you should avoid all contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin 3) Keep out of the reach of children