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  1. the price tag 'enticed' me to check tis up u mean tis model? http://www.sharp.com.sg/SharpProducts/products_main.asp but the specification DID NOT indicate tat it has steam & baking function... are u sure abt them?
  2. hi nipponho, actually it was an intentional design to NOT tile the whole toilet onli the shower area will get wet - so tile the shower area. the rest of the toilet (=remaining 2/3 of the area) can look like a powder room with nice paint/mirror/decorations instead of looking like a WC mah maintenance will be easier too - just bring a 3m/magiclean mop up the wall will do. instead of having to scrub down tiles joints. hehe
  3. i built a 60cm x 60cm x 50cm high space into my cabinet, with ventilation space on the sides.... had seen frens doing withOUT the ventilation spaces, and the cabinet remains healthy;) hmm, new price seems lower! yeahyeah $799 at Best denki $710 at Goh Ah Bee
  4. actually, we didnt tile our toilet completely... shower areas are tiled to ceiling... other areas are tiled up to sink height only, and then plaster & paint above.
  5. our family-of-2 ,on the other hand, substituted our wok with sautee-pan, 28cm diameter (u koe, the tefal flat bottom high sides kind). however, since its teflon-coated (thus NO HIGH HEAT), deep-frying will be done in our stainless steel pot.
  6. model 792 & 793 are inner flames! tats why no need for safety valve;)
  7. hehe, oh yeah, whichs r same?? ohh, tis veri true. putting 2 medium size pots together will not be possible for my orientation (mine is 793). but mayb possibel for 773 orientation).
  8. 7*3 is big, medium & small flame. but 7*2 is two sets of big flames. some cooking requires veri low heat, so then 7*2 too hot liao. so if u r NOT going to cook on veri regular basis, and covering extensive cooking style, 7*2 is the right choice. on the other hand, if u barely is going to cook, getting 7*3 is like keeping a white elephant. hehe
  9. hi nikedot, tis the first time tat i heard anyone use the term 'not very far' for SK. oh, n thks for e info on hardwareshop-profit margin.
  10. mayb u can find some idea here... http://www.hendoncreation.com/Outdoor%20Wood%20Fixture.htm
  11. i got it from JIMMY TEXTILE -$45 per metres, including sewing. curtain rail at $3.50 pfrun
  12. wonder if its because my order was placed through universal union, instead of to Fujioh direct... but i do not experience problem with their delivery. even when request for change in color, delivery with 2days notice, and seperate delivery for hood and hob on different dates, they have no problem meeting my 'demands' le wish u better lucks!
  13. hi AIR, thanks veri much for 'waiting'. id been running errands the whole weekend & still didint get to go shopping. sigh... tink will give birkenstock a miss tis time. enjoy your new shoes neh!
  14. i'll like to have a pair too. err, am i too late? if not, i'll go check the size this weekend.
  15. !! fine, at least she recognises a guzheng... thks for e clue on chinatown point shop. will work it out one day. afterall, tis is one of the 'Five things that I muz do in this life'
  16. wooowww !! i was thrilled when i saw them on ur fotos. hehe. nvr met anyone who owns/plays a GuQin, u r the first! me played (been long time) guzheng... but guqin appeals to me more. lookg forward veri much to switching to guqin, juz tat i'd yet to figure out who in spore teaches tis unique musical instrument:p
  17. HEY, u got a piece of GU QIN on the wall ! do u play? or juz for decor? hehe
  18. checked in shops... ... PANASONIC multifunctional countertop oven that we'll be using : Model NN-CS-596AYPQ, is $899. NN-C2003SYPQ also $899. if i want steam, will take 1st model. if i want BIG but no need steam, will take 2nd model. hope tis helps;)
  19. ahaha... unless we have basketball player guests walking in frequently, the rest of us will have to jump veri hard to catch any action in there! anyway, we're growing plants at the void;)
  20. tink i have an UNUSUAL question. hehe:p we remove the bathroom windows completely, and will leave the opening as it is without window. tis is possible cos the opening in in our own service yard (not on facing outside) hmm, do u tink a completely open 'window opening' is enuff to ventilate our bathroom?? wat do u tink?
  21. agonising to look at this... e sofa set we want is on sales BUT we r not in town till Monday !!
  22. this old-fashion shop call 'Unlimited Enterprise' is on the ground floor of the circular HDB block at bendemeer... ... many conservation projects go to them for old mosaics & tiles. goodluck
  23. dun tell me u got it at 50% ???? wooow we bought several sets of washers tat r display sets, seems ok, no worries;) btw, r u sure NN-C2003SYPQ has steaming function too?? i read their online specifications and it wasnt stated so le no la. we miss a beat (of each other) onli la
  24. ahhh, no wonder hehe, thanks APPLEFREAK !
  25. i meant sengkang's very own community-forum : sengkang dot com waiting for your feedback then... u made me anxious. hehe