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  1. Hi guys, I want to replace existing 1 nos. of ceiling fan with new ceiling fan. Do your have any electrician contact who willing to do such a small job to recommend ?
  2. Hi guys, need to find out if any of your purchased hob from JB ? I am wondering whether the hob gas inlet is it same as gas inlet of the hob in Singapore ? Whether can use with city gas instead of conventional bottle gas?
  3. Hi there, anyone purchase leather sofa from courts? For L shape HL sofa brand like nicollo, going at $999. Seem a good deal. The so called HL is it "genuine" leather? How do your find the brand nicollo? Any warranty on the leather?
  4. Hi Jerome, Can quote me 9kg toshiba washing machine, hitachi fridge R-Z411EMS, Rinnai RB-3SS Hob and RH-382 Hood.
  5. Hi, Can quote me the following combination? Rinnai RB-3SS Hob and RH-382 Hood
  6. Hi, so far any response? what is your decision? re-laminating? can share with me as i also facing the same dilemma.
  7. Hi, I intend to get renovation loan at around 10K and plan to clear the loan in 2 year tenure. Can you advise best available package for me. As for renovation contractor, how is the payment process to carried out if I engage different contractor for different jobs instead let 1 main contractor in charge? You may reach me at gianfrance@yahoo.com
  8. hi, got my new house renovated by a responsible contractor. Her name is Pearly 98422345 from Kai design.

  9. Hi all, I am looking for reliable contractor as well. Can pm me the contractor that your are having good experience with?
  10. Hi all, I am just purchase a 4 room resale flat. The flat come with wardrobe and kitchen cabinet which still in good condition. I would like to check any of you kept the existing cabinet/ wardrobe but change the finish of the wardrobe/ cabinet to you liking colour/ design?