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  1. I have this with the motion sensor. IMHO it's not really that good. Stat up is slow and response is slow. I bought mine from Challenger but don't really find it useful .
  2. HI can you please send me a copy of the samsung 5263 lock manual.



  3. Thanks to all for your feedback... I managed to get it to work the bottom lactch needed to be recessed in order to activate the Bolt. Cheers
  4. My lock is working but does not auto bolt when I close. Manually turn bolt and use finger can open but the **** thing don't auto lock when I close the door. Can u do programming?
  5. Hi , Anyone can help with programming Samsung 5230 Digital Lock Mine can register and open when i manual lock from inside but it does not auto bolt when closed. Is there a need to activate the Auto Bolt function? Help Appreciated...Getting a headache trying to get it to work Cheers
  6. i paid about $290 including two flight of stairs.Moved one 70'Tv one 2 seater sofa Bed , 1 Ikea Corner Computer Table a couple of Bicycles and about 15 boxes of Stuff
  7. K just finished moving... Very fast and efficient with proper wrapping and care to ur items. Two Thumbs Up... Will use them again. I highly recommend them if u want to move... Very Satisfied with their Service and attitude...
  8. - Front left: 2.2kW with booster 3.3kW (Ø210mm) - Front right: 1.4kW with booster 1.8kW (Ø150mm) Normal 2.2kW + 1.4kW = 3.6kW (3600 / 220) = 16Amps With Boost 3.3kW+1.8kW = 5.1kW (5100/220) = 23Amps So if u use 15 amp it will work for normal usage but if u use boost then it will trip if Old HDB with then not advisable other than only use one side ... Thats what i understand... Hope this helps...
  9. Install false ceiling / L-box Lay cables for downlights Install lightings and ceiling fan Install ceiling fan points, extra ceiling lighting points Relocate switches and power outlets Painting of false ceiling / L-box Painting of ceiling and walls Decking of planters Varnishing of parquet General cleaning of flooring
  10. U can buy a tile bit to make a counter sunk hole or a diamond tip bid to do the same which will prevent cracking. But so far i drilled no cracking ... do not select hammer when initial drill and control your speed. Good Luck...
  11. You could change the counter top and re-cut to induction hob size. You could also get a standalone counter top induction hob ... Taiyo
  12. How many meters do u need? 3 bedroom I don't think u need 100 meters even with redundancy. I have some Cat 6 left over