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  1. Hi. Please continue your update. Been waiting for your next post and pictures for a while.
  2. Contacted him two weeks ago on a ME Starmex System 2 and he immediately replied and came down the next day to do a site visit and immediately fixed an appointment to get the installation done. All done up nicely on that day for the installation. Been 2 weeks and aircon is running well. Strongly recommend Tim for his super efficient replies and excellent customer service. Tim was friendly and non-pushy and sincere throughout the exchange. Thanks Tim! (I'm the one you installed at my mother-in-law place in Stirling Road).
  3. Not cheap, but my sofa lasted me 2 years so far, and the leather is getting softer and more comfortable.
  4. wow, been close to 2 years. Up the thread for reference.
  5. May not be abstract, but I got my paintings directly from this painter call Leonid Afremov. His paintings are very reasonably priced for those deal of the day, less than US$150 for one including shipping from Mexico. He only paints when he receive your order. I have 6 paintings from him, including one super big one at one at 72" x 48" which I hang in my living room, for less than US$200. I'll try and search for my thread previously and bump it up.
  6. Thanks for all the enquiries from various people wanting to do mass orders for condos and individual orders. My stocks are depleting fast and should you require a big order for condo etc, please contact me and let me know soonest so I can make arrangements. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you.
  7. Looking for condo access cards duplication? Look no further. I am able to duplicate normal condo access cards into small tags that you are able to hook on to your keychain at a reasonable $8 fee. Why take the chance to lose it and pay $50 to get it replaced, or pay $28 or more for a similar service outside where you can get it at a fraction of the price? Since it is cheap, make a few to hook it to your bag, leave it in your car, or bring the small tag along when you go jogging etc, the size of the tag makes it very handy. If you make 5, I will give 1 free and you pay only $40 for 6 tags. With a minimum of 5 tags and depending on location, I will go down to your location to do a doorstep duplication for you to test on the spot. If it does not work, I will not collect any money. Drop me a sms at 9429 7978 for further enquiries or to make an appointment. P/S Special prices can be arranged for bulk order if you and your neighbours looking to make a larger quantity order. Please contact me to discuss. Thanks for reading.
  8. Didn't login for some time. Thanks for your comments.
  9. I bought a storage bedframe from Sims Drive in June. After 1 day noticed I cannot lift up the level as one side is stuck. Called them and them came down to rectify the same weekend. All done in 5 mins. So far the service recovery is good.
  10. Thanks all. Actually actual painting are far nicer than the pic i took from my iphone. Must see it in real person to appreciate. Yes, shipping via UPS is included free. That includes whether it is rolled up in a tube or even if you pay extra to get it framed before shipping over, ready to be hanged. However i would advise against paying the US$25 for the extra framing. One of my paintings, the wood got warpped as i believe the flight to SG is too long and from cold to hot, hot to cold atmosphere, believe thats why it warpped. I had to take it down and restretch it at my own cost. But they were kind enuf to send me another painting of my choice after i brought it up to them. I'm happy with them and hence recommending to all here. Hope to see more Afremov fans in Singapore!
  11. Oh I didn't. I selected from what he have actually. But it took quite a while for him to paint as I bought a total of 6 for my home and 1 for my office. For his paintings, it will be good to add him on facebook and usually he have discounts almost every week. the biggest one, 72" x 48" i got it very cheap. He decided to give the first 5 person a painting of anything from his site at any size at only US$188 inc shipping. Others, I bought again through his special offer of US$99 each, and buy 2 get the 3rd free inc shipping. At his main home page of his website, there will always be offers for some paintings at US139. At other times, he will give discount coupons and get 60% off all prices. Cheap and good. But you must be able to appreciate his colorful paintings though.
  12. I have completed my reno journey in recent months after searching here for information previously. After shifting in, decided to get some paintings for my wall but found the paintings locally expensive. Decide to look outside Singapore for inexpensive but nice paintings instead. One thing lead to another and finally ended up getting 6 paintings at one go for my house from this painter living in Mexico currently. Waited for close to a month for the painter to paint before receiving it from the courier. Got it stretched and hanged it up. Love Venice as that's where I went for my honeymoon and hence many of the pictures are from there. Love the print colors and what makes this special is the painter uses a palette knife to paint it instead of brushes. Those interested you can take take a look at www.afremov.com Enjoy!
  13. Recently my brother hired Elite Movers to shift out to 2 different locations concurrently. Staff arrived promptly at 9am to scout the place, and there after 12 workers appeared and helped wrap, shift everything into the 3 lorries that came. That includes dismantling the study table, bedframe etc.They handled everything with care, and bothered to cling wrap everything that we have not done. When we reach the destination, everything was loaded nicely back into the house and beds etc were all installed back by them. They also helped to unwrap all the cling wraps on the furniture. All in, everything was done by 12 noon. Overall a very efficient house moving experience by them. I will be shifting myself soon and will be going to use them as well.
  14. I'm happy thus far with the prices and services by them. Bought $3k worth of fans and lights with this very patient and professional guy call Patrick last week. Will be installing them 2 weeks from now.