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  1. hi! can i have the contact of your contractor? and also, your bathroom looks so lovely!! more pics pls!
  2. hi! just wanna check if you will be installing any kitchen accessories like kitchen rails, dish rack etc. did your contractor drill these stuff for you FOC? for the toilet accessories did they drill for you foc as well? thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, I have just recently started renovations for my 4-room BTO and wouod like to ask if the following quote sounds reasonable for electricals. as quoted by my contractor: - shift 1 set light switch concealed in cabinet $40.00 - shift 1 lighting point in concealed form $60.00 - supply and install 1 new lighting point in concealed form $70.00 - shift original lighting point into 2 concealed lighting points $140.00 This is just an example of some of the items in the entire electrical works quoted. does it sound reasonable or are we being charged higher than usual?
  4. hi! i love your home! can i also ask the price of the oven & microwave? how is it so far? also, how is your kompactop holding up with regular cooking? we're also considering using it but just worried about the maintenance :/
  5. Hello! I am new here and your thread at t-blog was the very first I saw. Your flat is gorgeous! I'm thinking of doing a scandinavian inspired design for my flat in future (still a long way to go though). Is it convenient for you to let me know the contact of your contractor? it would be a great help to me! btw, how much did you spend in total for renovations(excluding furniture)? Wanted to pm you but it states that you aren't able to receive pms. thanks so much in advance