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  1. Hi, How is your reno?

    My budget is 16k for 5rooms hdb. Do you encounter a good ID?

  2. Very cute door stopper! Which part of Tampinese? I want to buy also!
  3. Haha don't want quartz coffe table top. Quartz kitchen top cost me enough ready =D The coffee table come with glass top but not temper glass. The glass just simply place on top to protect the wood surface only. I want to replace with temper glass. Want to check the price then decide.
  4. Double posted. Mod please help to delete this post.
  5. Might want to make one for my coffee table top. Anyone has recommendation?
  6. Might want to make one for my coffee table top. Anyone has recommendation?
  7. I heard of people spray rice but never hear people spray salt before. Not sure about tea leaves also. You do that when you just got the key and entre the new house for the first time. But how are you going to clean up the salt?
  8. I do not really know which is better but my brother suggest that to go for granite or quartz. I choose iquartz not only for it's good comments on the internet, I also feel that iquartz look better than granite =D
  9. I start my reno before the lunar 7th month and will end during early part of the month. My father already grumble a lot on this. But I feel that reno start before 7th month and end during that month is ok lah. After all during the building of the flat, it already gone through a few 7th months. Just don't shift in during the 7th month especially if you are going to bring in God and ancestor. Btw, I wander should we pray a bit at the new house even we have not shift in yet?
  10. Dig out this old thread as I want to know about the wooden blade and acrylic blade fan and hamburger light also. My brother installed a wooden blade fan in the living room. The wind is not strong but comfortable and very quiet! I feel that it will be suitable for bedroom unless you insist on strong wind. As for the light part, I have a friend installed fans with holder lights. They are very bright but there are shadows cast back up the ceiling and you will notice shadows spinning. Does this happen to the hamburger light as the hamburger light do not protrude out of the fan center part like those holder lights.
  11. Noted! Thanks for the advise =)
  12. Thanks for the replies all =)
  13. Hi, not sure have you got your OpenNet installed. My brother's unit is in Punggol Arcadia. The terminal point is at the TV point area. Wires are concealed. If your unit do not have the point installed, the OpenNet workers will run trunking in your house. What my friend did is route the optical wires inside his false ceiling by himself. The workers are not willing to do it for him as they are afraid they might damage his lightnings. Only the portion of wires that need to route down along the wall use trunking.
  14. Hi Andreja, Are you using PD door? What is the price of the door?