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  1. nvm .. at least its still consider new year new house eh.. but excited boh... pretty soon ley, can have swee swee house liao
  2. so no chances of celebrating CNY at new place le ar?
  3. if that happens..im not surprised ley!!!
  4. wahahaha seems like I MIA from RT for a long time liao... So Kopi, ur HO is when ar?? I wan to see ur house and also yoshi
  5. hehe... just read...... ur the 1st blog i access today!
  6. Morning ppl! Yeah ... busy with work and doing some reading.. hehe so no time for RT Eh, paisey ar... want to ask u hor U and simon still going to new place mah?
  7. Just turned 29, feel like resigning and have a total change in job industry.. from office to Retail Sales holding back because of all the commitment now... Wonder is it a good move to change career now at 29 yrs old, if not its too late to even change isnt it? think a change of environment might help to boost up my motivation now.
  8. #1- visualise for yourself if you can accept the colour in the long run, you wldnt want to get sick after 1 year looking at the same floor colour. #2 - pick a colour that is matching and will enhance e whole look of the house with the decor, wall colour, furniture and colour scheme My own preference is very dark laminated flooring, but eventually i opt for a lighter tone than my 1st choice because i have dogs at home and the fur colour really contrast with the flooring. Makes the dust and dirt very obvious too.. so this one thing u have to consider with dark floors. Bring a few samples and go home n review... so u can make a better choice. Hopes this helps
  9. i dun even go chinatown lor... waste my time
  10. yeah... he can avoid my call over $80 bucks what can he not do? but its really not worth to get upset over him n that pathetic sum...
  11. neber.. tat dim sum lao avoiding my call and i lazy to go chinatown.... that i was thinking hor.. not worth to get upset with a JIAN REN and $80 bucks ley
  12. helo morning... wah kopi, me 1 wk never come RT.. ur blog now at page 74 liao ar
  13. morning! Mickey, suddenly ur HO date push back so far ar???
  14. Fat hope.. u can just do the shaking jelly..
  15. Dim sum Lao is my landlord, i rent a house from him during reno period for 2 mths. I move out and return the keys..due to some family matters. He can only refund me the rental deposit by bank trf. no choice, i waited... he never pay n start avoiding me.. took me almost 1 wk to get back my $$ by going down his stall to harrass him. Pay me back, except $80 which he promised by last Thurs also never... then nw MIA again Char very sianz liao Morning! ur sooo early today!!
  16. hey hello, counting down to another 2 days for your new sofa yea, I pray hard for you too... pray for the best and the best will come
  17. whahahaha... difficult to trace lah... so mai fan hope today can close case thats all N Its a friday, im in a good mood!
  18. hahha... he promised $80 last thurs lor... this kind, dunno want to pity him or what man hmm, supposed to be good news.. but if his enemy take over than its bad news liao..
  19. Nope... dim sum lao MIA again... never called and avoiding my call. Yesterday i never call him, cuz i MC at home.. later i go down his store. N this morning i got a email from my hateful boss he tell me he resign liao.... still in shock.. dunno is that good or bad news for me
  20. hey guys.... BYEE~ hope he send $$ to my hse tonight not dim sum!
  21. Listen 1st!...don count on it ley Today he kenna scold by me 2 times liao... I tell him, i take cab down.. he want to pay mah.. he keep quiet! @Rondy, like tat where got consider cai sheng? He sending me my OWN $$ wor