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  1. There are now a few vendors selling wall beds. Need to pay attention to the mechanism and wood quality. The hydraulics is important to have warranty. The German ones should give you around 10 years warranty. I have also heard China made ones with NO warranty so need to be aware of that.
  2. Any comments on www.catalogue.com.sg? Reliable?
  3. Hi, would it be possible to pm me your contractor, Mr K, contact? Thanks
  4. Hi, may I know where is a good place to buy Suar Wood dining table? Thanks
  5. Any idea where can get haiku fans cheaper than $1300?
  6. As above. Is it true that you need to change the ballast/driver every 3-4 years? So far I have come across Optiled, Philips, Hiiga, but not sure which one to go for in terms of reliability and performance.
  7. Anyone? Not sure if this is better compared to Hiiga LEDs?
  8. Thanks everyone. My gaps are quite small so sealers should be fine. As for stains, they are more of rubber marks form office chairs. Not sure if this is easy to remove or not.
  9. Has anyone tried their home makeover services from doors, carpentry works, etc.? Seems like they are offering semi-contractor services now? http://www.mrwoodvarnish.com/index.php/services/home-makeover
  10. Any idea what would be the cost for around 1,000 sqft? I assume that the sanding process would clear off any stains and fill up gaps in between the parquet tiles?
  11. Am considering this too. I suppose the effect will be better with spot lighting in the ceiling?
  12. Has anyone come across this in SG? It was just launched a few months ago in the US and looks good. http://www.meethue.com