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  1. Oh, sorry to hear that there were hiccups in your renovation journey...all the best in the remaining portion. It'll be well worth it when you finally get to sit down and enjoy your beautiful cozy home! Thank you! My contractor was reasonably good - hassle free and fast.
  2. Yes, MiracleSG is right. Though both carry Mitsubishi brands - they are made by 2 different companies. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has better energy consumption (one of the best in sg market) than Mitsubishi. However, pricing wise - I didn't find that it's any cheaper than Mitsubishi System 4 (more or less comparable maybe $100-200 difference only). Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is also exclusive to Gain City.
  3. Renovation is almost done. All carpentry works are up with some minor defects to be rectified. However, I'm still lagging in terms of blogging. In the mean time.... Here are some purchases made in March (before renovation even started) from Gain City 1. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries System 4 2. Hitachi Refrigerator 3. Electrolux Dryer
  4. Hehe! we are red zone buddy oops, never consult any Feng Shui master...>.< After going through almost 70% of the renovation journey...I think you are absolutely right...we confined ourselves to only 2 colors that buying furniture/furnishing/appliances etc can become pretty challenging. Checking out and admiring your spacious pretty home! <3 how I wish I've got an EM too
  5. Second that - rainbow home! Happy home! Imagine, after work... when you go home. you'll be delighted to see the colors
  6. Nice!! love pop of colors. So excited to see your color-blocked home I'm sure it'll be interesting
  7. Hi there Thanks for the input. Actually it is indeed a concern too after giving a thought about it We have locked in the colours to paint already so I'm just gonna keep the fingers crossed hope it won't turn out too loud >. <
  8. Hehe you are right. After some discussion, we are only giving it some accents here and there...but I've just managed to convince the partner to allow me 1 panel of red wall. We'll see how it turns out
  9. Ohhh! Love the hexagonal mosaic tiles (?) super neat and nice! was it expensive?
  10. Renovation has started for about 2 weeks now but it felt like so many things are already done. Very proactive ID/contractor Pics of house before renovation
  11. Took keys last week and did part 1 of kai men (before renovation) Thereafter, renovation commenced already...will update with pics soon
  12. Some inspiration pics to share: The partner is saying red is too bold for a peaceful home, any comments?
  13. hahahah! someone else said that to me before
  14. About to start on renovation for our resale flat at Sengkang. Can't wait to watch the transformation of the kitchen and bathrooms especially. The concept is modern, contemporary. Colour schemes...white, red and maybe another color (haven't decided yet)
  15. Would you all use colored (i.e. grey color/ black color) tiles for bathroom floor? or white tiles are fine (slightly more difficult maintenance)? Hope u all can share. I'm in dilemma to use grey or to stick to white for both bathroom floor....thanks