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  1. I need to install heater ASAP. Have not bought any yet. Need good plumber too. Pls pm me urgently. Tks so much.
  2. Hi, I got my keys in Jan 2013. Due to lack of funds, couldn't start reno yet. Have met many IDs/contractors but didn't feel assured, so I have not engaged one yet. Mine is a tiny 2-room bought from sale of balance flat. Very expensive. CPF is empty now. In the meantime, seriously considering accepting the FOC cement screeding by HDB for the living room and bedroom that are currently rough concrete.. But when I asked the HDB Technical Officer and his term contractor about the cement finishing, they both said the cement finish will be ROUGH and DUSTY and not suitable to step on and will be worse than the corridor cement walkway built by the construction company. Then the HDB term contractor offered to lay the rough kitchen ceramic tiles (1 ft x 1 ft type, light yellow colour) in the living room and bedroom if I pay him $1000. The floor area involved is about 23 sqm / 248 sqft. But he does not want to sign any contract and HDB said any such personal arrangement is not their responsibility. I am having big headache trying to decide. Workmanship issues, reliability issues, value for money issues, etc. Bery confusing right now. Grateful for any advice. Thanks all!
  3. Hi, hope you can pm me your hubby's contact. I collected my keys in Jan and hope to start reno soon because current rental place is very expensive. Thanks :-) Joanna
  4. Forgot to mention: the ceramic tiles proposed by the HDB contractor is 30x30, the type used in kitchen. My floor area is 248 sqft ( living room + bedroom).
  5. Hi, I'm new here. I got my keys in Jan but no reno yet because of lack of funds and no confidence in the IDs/contractors who I've met. My place is a 2-room bought through SOBF. Right now, it has only bare rough concrete floor in the living room and bedroom. HDB technical officer told me if I want the term contractor to do the FOC cement screed, it'll be rough finish and dusty and multi-shades of grey and will not be as "good/nice/smooth" as the corridors which are done by the construction contractor. The term contractor offered to do basic ceramic tiles (30x30) for the living room and bedroom at $1000. HDB TO said if I choose this, it will be private arrangement between me and the term contractor, nothing to do with HDB. What should I do? Grateful for any advice. Thanks very much.