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  1. Was having a headache about the home networking.. due to the change of layout of the house, the previous Opennet (now called Netlink) point needs to be relocated. Called Singtel who pushed me to Netlink. Called Netlink and they said why i did not call Singtel. Anyways, finally Netlink will take u the case to relocate the point. Same price to relocate/repair - flat price of $220 (for first 15m and then +$33 for every additional 5m). Will take them 3 days to call me to set up appointment. Earliest date end Apr (3 weeks away).. Since i was on the topic, i decided to find out the best solution for the entire house.. googled and tons of stuff popped out but no complete overview! Finally stumbled on our dearest government website and woo hoo.. guess what They had a complete overview on all the options available.. read it.. at http://www.ida.gov.sg/images/content/Infrastructure/nbn/images/pdf/Home_Networking_Reference_Guide_Detailed.pdf Now, i really love my govt.
  2. Hi! Looks exciting and the original floor plan is almost exactly the same as mine.. also a Corner EM (with access balcony purchased). Will be interesting to see your progress. Mine is 70% done, hopefully yours will turn out well!
  3. Finishing up on my purchases for the house (from where else, JB again) .. hopefully the end is in sight! Bought a Rubine 56" fan with light from JB - display set at RM398 Bought LED downlights 8" round (white), according to the salesman the LED is from Taiwan but assembled in M'sia - RM25/pc Bought floor trap 4" metal - RM30 All in all, good purchases! But was taxed 6% by M'sian Govt (new GST tax) and also 7% by S'pore Govt (the normal tax we all know and xxxx).. now it's worse, got double taxation if buying from JB.. anyways, nothing new as it's the usual story in everyday life.. everything getting more and more exp while our salary never seems to move up much In case you were wondering - Singapore customs gives $150/pax for the GST exemption for day traveller..
  4. Long time never post as too busy!! I finally received my taobao items yesterday after months of waiting.. so long I cannot even remember how long it took :jawdrop: :jawdrop:(shipped before CNY)! Items received were okay but my lights were slightly damaged but hopefully usable... and Amcon lost one of my packages and dunno whether I will ever get it. In the meantime, my paraquat was glued on, roof was built (in 1 day yesterday) and now I am looking at the quote by the carpenter. Was quoted $5700 for ~27ft top/bottom cabinets (including some box up of pipes) + $900 for ~14ft solid surface (white laminates for inner, 3S Solid Surface www.3ssolidsurface.com). Could anyone give me an idea on whether this is a reasonable price? Unfortuantely this is being quoted by my contractor's sub-con who did not give me an idea on whether they are using soft closing etc, and no drawings were given.. so now in real dilemma whether to go ahead. Please help with comments!
  5. Finally amcon informed me that my shipment is arriving! It was shipped out before Chinese New Year! It's been like 4 weeks!! According to them it was stuck at china customs inspection..
  6. Today got a really good deal in JB. Bought an Elba oven at RM999, approx S$380. In addition, customs did not charge me GST as I was with 3 family members. Overall a fantastic deal as I called Elba singapore and they quoted similar item at S$600+
  7. Finally went with gain city. Only upgraded insulation. Installation was fast and I got the Malaysian team. Overall okay but they were slightly late (approx 30mins) and when I went to inspect, they actually installed the piping in the room when I thought I told them to install outside. Was upset but guess it's done already.. What to do now but accept..
  8. Welcome, layout looks similar to mine in bukit gombak, best wishes to your hunt. Still renovating, without use of designer.. So no 3d design
  9. Today started the search for air con. Planning Mitsubishi starmex 3+2.. Very confusing when got the quotes as the suppliers quoted different size blowers and specs (copper tube size/ insulation ...) need to make sense of it!!
  10. Amcon update: taobao shipment stuck at china custom as they wanted to check the containers?? Anyway, it seems will now be much delayed.. Thought I would get it this wk but no hope liao
  11. Work is slowly but surely starting after cny holidays. Yesterday met up with electrician and confirmed all the work to be done.. Hopefully things move fast from now on.
  12. Wow, u are sure good with your hands! Like!!
  13. Dear Suikoden, thanks for the compliment on the balcony tiles, I actually drew out the placement in ppt and passed it to my contractor - probably I am a control freak! The specific layout probably caused more work for my poor contractor but he did not make any noise, said it's great for him as he does not need to have headache!
  14. The HIPS done included the main gate, but was informed by my contractor that it will not fit my new door opening (I had bought the recess area and created another wall). Anyone interested to buy it over as it seems such a waste (it's almost new, was installed just 3 months back but we had not really used it) New one will cost at least $300+, willing to let go at reasonable offers. PM me if interested! PS: The door comes with my unit number already installed at the top right hand side, whoever buys it over will have to remove themselves..
  15. Found an ice-cream shop, Beans&Cream, in a HDB shophouse along Bkt Batok West Ave 5 (near to Bkt Gombak MRT).. went and ate there a few mins ago and it was yummy! According to the owner, they make their own ice-cream but he does not eat it , maybe that's the only way to stay in business LOL And tada, last but not least; my banana ice cream with waffle (honestly, i did ask why it's not yellow but they said they add chocolate, hence it turns yam color) Business was really brisk, at the time i was there of approx 15mins, they had like 10 customers!
  16. Suggestion: the kitchen cabinet looks nice, what about putting another one at the bottom?
  17. Thanks! Gave up on digital TV as it seems to need an individual antenna for each TV! Means I need to get 6 individual ones.. Maybe once fully transition over, there might be better options, for now, it seems so limited.
  18. Update on the progress: Kitchen Access Balcony Balcony
  19. Gave up on the Digital TV solution, seems like no good solution at the moment, going to just install 6 SCV points and hope for the best in 2 yrs time ($100/SCV point=$600, my heart so pain!)
  20. By the way, with regards to the electricity, I checked with my contractor and he mention that there should not be tripping if the wiring is done properly.
  21. My taobao items are on the way! Unfortunately due to CNY not all items were purchased on time. Heard that amcon will shut down in 2 days time for shipments, those who need to get them to ship out better do it soon.
  22. I think it's best you call them and give them a really good excuse-with a sob story and hope they are willing to refund. Typically in this kind of case, I think it might be difficult to get a refund unless you gave them a huge deposit (above the 10% stated). You might also challenge this 10% penalty if you believe the ID did nothing, but I am not a law expert, so you might want to consult someone with such knowledge (maybe a lawyer) Lucky for me, my contractor did not even ask me for a deposit and I paid 30% only after the hacking started and the tiles arrived at my house.
  23. Have not done before but theoretically it depends on: 1. Was an agreement signed? If yes, refer to it 2. ID can claim amount of damages that they already did work on, even though work has no started. 3. Best method is to have amicable discussion with them and ask for cancellation and hope for the best
  24. Bought my own waste traps and gave it to contractor, to ensure no mistake! Maybe that's a better option as they will then definitely remember as they see it lying physically around