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  1. Hi, could you please quote me to replace and install wrong iron grills and new windows for my 5 room resales flat please? New windows includes sliding and casement per floor plan. Please PM me. Thanks.
  2. Hi doris, do you mind to pm me your contractor quotes?
  3. hi there, may i ask if anyone of you have a renovation quote and / or design to share for 5A maisonette that you have done? we been looking around Jurong east maisonette, if you are an potential seller can also PM me.
  4. would like to query for owners of 5A corridor Maisonette, picture of your beautiful place done up for similar layout like this? and if possible, share your reno quote, contactors reviews with us :). TIA!
  5. Hi there.. we understand how disappointed u are when Rou are unable to commit. Actually like what kopic has mentioned if you have not collected ur hse keys or still have time before the big move .. u can compare other houses / id quotes before coming back to Roy. In my case imagine i moved in late may this year .. early july.. my waterproof board in the toilet to hide the pipe becane decolourise!! gosh.. i gave Roy a call and immediately that weekend he ask his painter to come and paint the weather change coating FOC".. that's y he is flexible like all of us think.. this is his after sales service ... thumbs up! he actually worried that if he takes up too much , he is unable to commit and deliver his promise to you.. so rather arguement and disputes , i think he gave up the ideas of overload.. So if you still have time, just allow him some time to get back to you, dont be too disappointed ya Good luck!
  6. hello everyone... how is ur new home? been awhile since i log in.. check upon online buddies..? hope all of u are well...
  7. hello Michelle.. me _ liangmin(MBR thread)... hee hee... nice dinning table u have! how much u paid for that?? i guess ur home will look real nice... cant wait to see the next modern theme home.. Join da club ya! my mb and i love the fabric sofa that we have ... no hot at all after siting for a long time... although till today i still find it very ex.. but still worth it cos it is quite long to cater for my sq living room...
  8. Hi Fiz... u can drop him a sms at this number below for a further discussion.. i have it in my signature... This is his contact details: 1XXXX@XXXX.com XXXXXXXXX@XXXXX.com his mobile: XXXX XXXX hope you will like his ideas just like we do : ) Cheers [Phantom: Don't like this lah... Use PM.. Roy also my ID but must keep to forum rules]
  9. LOLX... U TWO AH!!! forever like this.. either Virgo pin at babytan or babytan will pin at virgo ahahahahahahah ... my housewarming is still under planning... if nothing goes wrong should be next month.. ard mid to end of the month... must save some money for food first... hee hee... so i guess Virgo hse first to go? hee hee
  10. woah! ur shoe cabinet so BIG!! its nice leh... u put some silver strip for that ...i'm sure it will stand out de... we did it for our feature wall and wardrobe too ... Just ask Roy to give more suggestions to u... More pictures ya! : ) After posting the earlier reply... i reloaded den i see more pictures!! Gosh.. PC must be real slow... and I SIMPLY LOVE ur TOILET!! Wee Wee... the tiles are very nice... wonder did u spend alot on ur two toilet??
  11. Hello KopitehC> Welcome to da INZEN club! I have been missing out in the forum due to very busy workflow lately.... hmmm as for your feature wall and console... we ask roy to design for us... the outcome was real nice... My hb wanted it actually... cos we got a big living room... so he wants some design... tt's why we decided to go for it after making some changes to the 3d drawing that was given to us initially... u can come to my T blog and take a look at my pitcures.. i have stay in my new hse for 3 weeks alr.. so far so good! hee hee... hope to see ur post often too! Virgo> ur link in ur signature doesnt work.. maybe u want to change it to the one that babytan give? ... i am popping in to ur blog and look see look see also,... Think will be very nice like babytan too... saw hers.. i'm like Woah!!
  12. hello BabyTan, virgo and Redk... Sorry got MIA awhile cos i have busy cleaning up the hse for almost two weekend.. everyday work till late at night den come home.. must earn back the money beofre customary wedding next yr... haha.... So last but not least... i would like to thank u guys for making my T -Blog reno a joyful one... babytan and virgo ,.. u gers got my numbers... stay in contact ya.. i'll pop by when i am free in office... can leave me a msg here too... ! Hope to see more pictures from u guys orite!! CHEERS@@@
  13. Hello Baby Tan!! i saw ur pictures very very nice wor! Mind if i asked how much did Roy quote u for your WIW? last time i got ask him whether only can chose white PVC ... he say Yes wor... did u top up additional for the brown inner in ur wardrobe?? btw... we have the same laminate flooring! haha.. Ah Roy syco" u to get de design rite?,,, he told us.. chose this very nice de... and i saw the floral design in ur warbrobe!!! SAME AS mine too!!! hey... we got same taste leh! also.... i love ur kitchen tray... by the time i wanted it... Ah Roy told me say the capenter alr started work.. haix...
  14. Hello virgo.... Sorry real busy .. post more pictures let me see leh... u haven start ur t -Blog ma? heloo babytan.. house warming not so soon... i haven complete unpacking the boxes... Oh gosh.. ben wondering what have i been doing so far... seem tt still in a big mess... LOL... More pictures of ur hse k.. hee hee