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  1. I'm looking for an electrician to 1) remove the current fluorescent ceiling light. 2) supply and install 7 Philips LED (functional) Ceiling lights. Would appreciate if someone can recommend me a reliable electrician, thank you.
  2. Hi Can you quote the following item including delivery and installation 1) KDK M40KS 2) LG WD1480TDT Thanks
  3. I don't agree, the electrician is cutting corner, using low quality material.
  4. The hoe kee at tanjong katong has poor service and their price are quite high also.
  5. Wow, your shower look really advanced high tech
  6. Hi Vct, May I know how old is your flat? Good luck with your reno.
  7. The wooden bi-door is very nice, can pm me your supplier?
  8. piaget


    Not true, small area can be laminated, your contractor can't be bother as the area is small.
  9. Solid black line confirm cannot hack, you can confirm with HDB. Now is buyer market, definitely can offer at a lower price.
  10. Hi May I know where is this place? I am also looking for a clock
  11. Not allowed by HDB to relocate the toilet bowl.