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  1. ">http:// here's the address...they are selling it at $3-$3.50 per ten holes n the uncle was so helpful tt he even explained to me how to do it...just let him know the window measurements n he will calculate how much u will need Gd luck edd!
  2. it will eventually look like this... ">http:// just an idea... in case she might be interested
  3. hi edd, I read at swanskie's blog n saw u mentioning yr wife likes the lacy sort of curtain.... can she sew? cos if she can, she might want to do something DIY like this.... ">http:// ">http:// the tape has ready made holes in it, n if she sews it on a fabric of her choice, u can already have something tt looks classy n simple n affordable
  4. thanks jus4fun for the info..... tt wd be $220 per foot run ya.... so gd if can get tt now....I can really see wt difference a year makes.. n fr ben's quote, I think I can roughly say the price now is abt $260-$280 pfr.... i'm still thinking if I shd just get ikea wardrobes....
  5. Hi bluesummerayz, Thank u so much for sharing how to upload photos on renotalk!! With yr tips, i cd do it easily:))
  6. I believe in lauding great effort.... kudos to Mr Poh of LS2 design..... everything spent well worth
  7. ">http:// now the kitchen entrance is there right after opening the main door..... but I'll need to do some cover up w curtains
  8. I hope to move in by 24th june before school starts....
  9. ">http:// and tt was the service balcony before the secret door was hacked open
  10. this was the old kitchen "> http://
  11. "> http:// some pics before reno.... to the right, that was the main door.... to the left.... that was the entrance to the kitchen.... I have hacked off that wall , shifted the kitchen backwards..... I needed to make the dining area bigger.....so I shrunk the kitchen area... n I created a new opening near the main door
  12. ">http:// up close view.... but my photography skills n device not good uh so i'm doing quite an injustice to the real thing
  13. ">http:// this is my main door n gate... all done!!
  14. ">http:// the worktop is quite small, so I decided to use a single large sink