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  1. Hihi mmoh, Sorry for late reply. Been travelling. yeah! shifted in. But shuttling between mum's and mine (weekday/weekend deal). Will upload photos on sat when i am back at my place. Congrats on your place! Whereabouts is it? looks like you be able to move in before CNY.
  2. I got this expandable table from ikea which when in compact mode is i think 50cm x 90cm. When expanded is 90x90. Show you guys the picture when i am back in town. Compact mode = work desk. Expanded = dining table When expanded it is about the size of a mahjong table. Comfy for 4 people to have dinner at. And doesnt take up much space in compact mode. Machiam transformer. Haha!
  3. Oh yea..the Braava. It's the older model so it's not as "smart" comparable to its newer brothers. It's not bad. Basically a cloth is attached to the unit to clean the floor. Quite clean as the cloth was black and covered with dust and hair. Only downside is it got lost under my bed....until it's battery went flat. Hahahah!
  4. Hi! Welcome! Posted previously...just scroll through...
  5. Definately! King of the house! Haha! Cooking, sweeping, mopping, washing... Now i know why my mum is always so busy.
  6. Guys, My Vinyl flooring is est 2.2k for room and hall. So...can use it as a gauge for a reasonable quote Btw....I managed to get the Vinyl contractor's direct contact... If ahem......PM ......
  7. Specs? It's just regular vinyl flooring. Haha.
  8. Btw...does anyone know how much weight can a "floating" TV console withstand?
  9. Nope! HDB said not under warranty. Forked out from my pocket...
  10. Yeah man! And friends coming over to watch NDP... Wahaha!
  11. It's really a small small space for walking.....my mum is regretting it everyday..... When we wanna vacuum her room, we gotta carry the vacuum cleaner up and crab across to the other side.
  12. Moving in this weekend. Woo Hoo!! Finally! The original gate was rusty, broken and have problem locking. I gave up and had it changed.
  13. Cool bunny, Thanks! Just a simple little home. Your first quote sounds about right. Toilet is very expensive. Do remember to factor in purchase of toilet bowl, sink, shower etc etc. It is even more expensive to hack and tile with the new rule of using pre-mix cement. Why did he say your wardrobe can't face the bed? Mine is facing my bed......