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  1. Pls share the carpentry by namja.. my email gingerdip@gmail.com
  2. hi, I wish to buy some lights from TB, mayb chandelier, but who will install? Do we need a pro electrician?
  3. Peeka is pretty exp, I was looking at their calculator, I assume this is by AIR? I do not see the rates by SEA Example 2 - Total weight of parcel is 1.5kg, 3 days shipment charge is S$28 + S$12 = S$40, 7 days shipment charge is S$17 + S$7 = S$24 I buy direct use 4PX, 5kg cost me less than $30 SGD
  4. I have been shopping direct without an agent at TB and I use 4PX, so far service is ok. My heaviest package was around 5kg for a load of cushions, carpets and rugs.. cost me less than sgd delivery from china to SIN. The delivery charge is 1st kg 35, subsequent 1kg at rmb 24 I think... I am now exploring to buy a vanity table + mirror, but am worried about installation, Im a lady, think my hubby will not help me with installing. this one I am interested http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0k.6846101.1130973605.d4915205.SYF5Gb&id=37682362152&_u=91qfeqng0f8f over 80kg Anyone tried heavy furniture buys at TB? I am considering some Kartell lamps as well, or chandeliers. Who can do the fixing up in singapore? Any electrician?
  5. I am a FS newbie, and the house I bought and lived in, we did not engage a FSM. I did however visit a fortune teller lately, cos my kaki's are all into this kind of stuff. The FT told me nothing wrong in my hse and told me no need to engage FSM. But Im curious and would like to engage 1, my partner is against it, and will not pay. SHould I proceed?
  6. Hi Ivy pls send me the list too, many thanks!