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  1. Hi, Any idea what's the psf for soundproofing window? Thanks. Green
  2. http://www.windowgrillessg.com/bathroom/shower-screens/ Useful info:
  3. Hi Luiz, Mind sharing how much is the fixed and building and sliding type of invisible grille? $$ psf. Thanks. Green
  4. Any leaking just call up HDB first. dont engage on your own. Best to engage contractors from HDB. Green.
  5. Hi, Rectify for free or need to pay for transport? sometimes very grey area... meaning your kids pulling on it, it will still not loosen? understand it cannot be open like aluminium grilles ya? how do u find it so far?
  6. House moving. prompt n fast. Reasonable pricing. 94679326. Cheers! Green
  7. Try this delivery company. Fast and swift working attitude. 94679326.. Cheers! Green.
  8. I guess they're trying to cut costs by changing to the cheaper items and materials. you should stick to what is agreed on the contract or else you can take it up to CASE. Green.
  9. What is the per sq feet rates now??
  10. Hi Milkcandy, Sorry I don't know any solar film company. sorry cant help you on this.
  11. Hi there, Solar film is a less cheaper and hassle free option as compared to changing the whole window. However you can opt to change the glass panels only, to a dark tinted glass. But the heat block out effect is not as good as the solar film. Hope this helps you. Cheers!!