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  1. Nice reno! Your carpentry works make me drool for more of my own in the guest room. Right now it's as bare as a baby's bottom. Haha.
  2. Hi SpySG, we painted ours already and as you can see in the pictures it's not too bad I think. =) My ID won't advise stuff like that. Haha.
  3. Hi eelnaes, here's the link: http://list.qoo10.sg/item/STOCK-IN-SINGAPORE-HOME-DIY-POLE/410621496 Grab it quick! =)
  4. Hi Gwendie, The pole system was a cheaper alternative for us because we did not like a wardrobe nor could we afford one that was custom made. We got ours from Qoo10, at 80 dollars which to us was a steal. We will be getting a curtain to cover it up and to give it some character too. There are a few online stores that sell the pole system, but we like qoo10 for their prompt delivery and affordable price. Hope this helps!
  5. Yup, we have officially moved in! We are really bare in our furnishing at the moment, but it's really fun to start building things up from scratch. Here are some pics of our furnishing so far. Our ikea mirror is up. ^_^ Our ikea dining table (telescopic) is also up! Took us 1 hr to put it together. It's 70 kg when assembled! No joke! Our living room is most furnished as you can see. =) Ikea rug, Mondi sofa bed(Bumble Bee), ikea TV Console and Philips 46'' TV. There's also two side tables on both sides; the bold blue one is from IKEA (yes again), and the marble one at the other end is from vhive. And finally, our bedroom. =) My wife's masterpiece is the scrabble design on the feature wall. We got the pole system from QOO10, and will be using a curtain to cover it up in the near future. Alright, more pics when the studio is done up! =)
  6. This week is the week we're moving in! Excited much! =) Although there are many ideas we have that are yet realized, we're happy to say that we're proud of what we have done and excited about the possibilities that continue to be in coming our way! We have navigated past some tough obstacles like shabby workmanship and exorbitant charges, but we're wiser now. The last weekend was spent painting on our own with the help of kind friends, and we're glad it all worked out! =) This is our living room, with the recessed wall painted aquamarine and the skirting painted white. Our striped theme is complete! =)
  7. hi inxlee, welcome to renotalk! =) I'm sorry I would not recommend my contractor as I had to source for many things on my own instead. He was eventually only responsible for the hacking, kitchen/MBR carpentry and lamination flooring. The glass for the hacked space, lights, fans, painting and kitchen/bathroom accessories had to be settled on our own. In many ways, we were our own contractor and could have saved more money if we knew how to find a carpenter, electrician and plumber on our own.
  8. Hi Sappyd, We bought it Wee's Colllection at Changi (nearer actually to Kembangan). He's got an FB page actually. Check him out! https://www.facebook.com/Wees.Collection
  9. Hi Guys! Am back from reservist so I finally get to share some updates. I'll let the pictures do the talking, but we're happy with the progress so far. Here it goes! =) Firstly, our industrial lamps have arrived! =) Making us very happy with our first Taobao purchase via 65daigou. We used it to light our toilet and passageway. We absolutely love the effect it creates in our hallway! =) as a friend put it, it's quite dramatic, so it was worth the backbreaking effort painting the ceiling. We also managed to install our one and only vintage bakelite switch at the hallway to complete the retro look. Happy! ^_^ Our fans and lights in the living room are done, and just need some touch up painting. =) Finally, our glass partition is also up! =) I almost missed out on my kitchen carpentry. It's currently missing one shelf. We are happy with the black solid surface top along with our black granite composite sink and black glass hob. Gives it a modern touch in our home. =) So happy with the way things are turning out for us, as it has been a bumpy road so far. We're thankful for a lot of unexpected help along the way that really smoothened things out for us. Will update more soon! =)
  10. Welcome to T-Blog chat! In hindsight, it is pretty fun to do things ala carte, but certainly has more headache. As I was on a tight budget, I still had to ala carte certain things even though I engaged an ID (who actually turned out to be more like a renovation contractor). Anyway, all the best in your upcoming reno! Be sure to be 100% clear about the contract items before signing!