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  1. hi err first time posting so not too sure how to post bigger pics. still trying. you got any idea? or any senior can share the knowledge? thanks
  2. Kitchen Before After Will post more pictures next time. We are not Pros and this is our first time doing renovation, if you think we did a ok job. We are sure you can do the same too. Just create a pinterest account and pin your ideas there, then do up real mood board with the print out of the images from pinterest account. This will ensure that your contractor and his workers know exactly what you want and wont bother you. However there are bound to have screw ups so you will have to make extra effort to inspect the work. You can skip all the above if you use an ID but if you plan to save some KACHING, well there is no free lunch, so go and check out the house every once in a while. For example, when we first checked the house during renovations, the toilet wall they hacked was not hacked wide enough. This are stuff you and your hubby or wifey should catch before its too late to remedy. So have fun in the process of creating your own pad.
  3. Bathroom from master bedroom We hacked the wall to combine 2 toilets so we can fit the bathtub, wife's idea. Before After Shower area
  4. As promised, more images of the place. Please pardon me as we just moved it so its still quite messy. ;P starting off with the image of the master bedroom. Before After
  5. Hi Like all the new home owners here, we would like to share our renovation journey on our 4 room HDB flat below to benefit others. After reading many topics on the t-Blog, we followed the normal protocols. We shortlisted a list of contractors and IDs whom we feel can accomplish our "NY pad" At the same time, we established what we wanted for the HDB flat below, it is a mix of industrial, Scandinavia and New York feel. Our advice is to use Pinterest to create a moodboard as a picture speaks a thousand words. Lastly come up with a budget that you can afford and remember to set a 20% allowance as most likely than ever YOU will exceed the budget. We shortlisted a mix of 7 contractors and IDs below, mostly through word of mouth and through Renotalk. We met up and discuss what we wanted, remember to request them to item - ised the quotations so you can compare apple to apple. IDs would have been the most ideal option however they could not meet our budget. And for homeowners who already have an idea on how your dream home will look like. you can actually skip the ID and use a contractor. Finally we decided to go with Alan (one of the most talked about in this forum) after meeting up with him, brought us to see a flat that he renovated and he was able to accomplish what we wanted with our budget. ***Note*** We did read bad reviews on him and spoke to him about it to clarify the reviews and at the same time to make sure we are all on the same page. So here goes on our journey. Start off with the floor plan below.
  6. hi can pm me how much is the barn door? thanks
  7. Hi Can pm me the granite top contsct please? Thanks
  8. Hi Can i please have your contract contact pls? Appreciate much. Thanks
  9. Hi Love your house, can i have your contractor contact pls? Thanks in ADV.