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  1. Bought this and found that cannot be use. Anyone interested? Letting go at low price. Msg me at 92962663 Specifications180WTwin Induction MotorStainless SteelDual Whirlpool FacilitiesSuper Suction PowerEasy Detachable & Cleaning Without Any ToolsDim. (mm) : 895W x 540D x 130H
  2. Selling 6 mths old Kenwood IM280 1.5l Ice Cream Maker. Used only a few times. Price: $60. Contact me at 92962663 to deal. About the Ice Cream Maker - IM280 The white IM280 can give you delicious home made ice cream in 15-30 minutes, thanks to its fast freezing, double insulated 1.5 litre freezer bowl. The wide chute makes it easy to add ingredients while the ice cream is being mixed. And the non-stick bowl makes the ice cream easy to serve too.
  3. Same here with Elmark fan...I finally changed the one in my study to Crestar...they offer better service...
  4. dankoo

    Sofa Upholstery

    Talking to my firend over the weekend, she mentioned she got it from a shop in Tanglin shopping mall...
  5. Is that a std king size bed length?? I would think it is longer than that?
  6. I just bought a serta mattress - starlight. Quite surprised to find out that the length is shorter than other brands of mattresses. It is only 74". Those with king size bed can advise on your length of mattress?
  7. Bought 4 MR16 3.5W LED lights to replace my 4x50W halogen. Direct replacement...illumination is pretty decent... Now would like to check, where is the best place to get LED strips? I would like to light up my glass display cabinet...
  8. Bro..also looking for replacement fan...can PM contact too?? Tks!!
  9. So it seems to be quite a regular issue...I believe its the Rx for the remote that causes this issue...I was also quite put off when I called them initially within the warranty period and was told still need to pay...indeed lousy service....
  10. Same as you...bought 2 Elmark...after 2mths ++, one of the fans not working properly...cant select speed...either low or high...now after a year plus...same fan..cannot use remote to turn on, I have to off and on the switch then use remote to turn on light then fan....their quality really CMI
  11. Yep...its a typical hardware store kinda place...once you walk in, just tell them what you need and there are people to help you...
  12. So...pref for colors, one on orange and the other typical pink...this is what the ID came up... 3D drawings Study in orange Bedroom in pink You will notice there's more attention into lighting for his design. My gals like it, my wife like it...so it was a go! After reno photos incoming soon....
  13. Just to share my recent makeover of 2 rooms in my current flat. Its a EA at CCK. As our twin gals is moving towards teens, we decided to make over their current study and bedrooms. We did not really research much on ID and contractors as we know ours is a small project and indeed the response we got was not that great. In the end, we went with our gut feel from a ID where we feel that he was able to give a nice concept. We engage his services rather than the services of the company actually. Here is the old state: Bedroom was quite kiddish and nobody's using the upper portion of the double bed...frankly speaking, double deck not really practicle for HDB with low ceiling as the top bed area is hot and stuffy... Current study was also their playroom...many toys which no longer interests them...time to make it more condusive for learning.... Will post the 3D concept later....
  14. I believe the luminance is inferior to halogen?