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  1. Hi everyone Been missing this few weeks. Was so stressed with my id.... giving many excuses and trying ways and means to squeeze us more on cost. Now having problem with railing issue. A massive headache for now. If anyone have contact for railing contractors, please share. i seriously cannot tahan already... This renovation process is definitely not a good experience for me.
  2. Can I ask for some advise, do u think I should rewire or not? I mean my "28 yr old" house?
  3. Go puffer, same here.. I don't mingle with neighbour's much, hahaa! Some are scary ppl.. n I agree with u, no views..
  4. I suggest you browse ard first? Some shops (especially old) give good deals.. don't worry, with ur budget, I'm sure u can get ur dream house.. good luck! Don't forget to share some photos! 😊
  5. Hi guys, 26 yr old not that bad.. mine 2yrs older - 28 yr old! hahaha... Mine run down also, alot of hacking works.. I bought EM coz i used to stay in one and i really loved it! hehee So Aries it really depends on alot of things, but most importantly you must like the place... (my HB also like the floor to ceiling windows, hehee) Reno budget 80k is consider very good. But dont reveal your exact budget.. I got my id from recommendations here.. But i think at the moment they have a few projects on hand so they dont have much time to come to mine and do a close monitor.. How sad... And we have to work hard chasing them!
  6. Hi everyone, i think this topic is not as active as before. I'm also a newbie, just bought an EM in Jurong. Having my reno works now. It is not so pleasant. Hi Aries, i think that is a good buy. I bought mine at that price too! No COV. Hi gopuffer, good luck with your upcoming reno!
  7. I think you can call the officer in charge of ur area.. my previous owner had that problem before...
  8. Hi everyone Would like to know if any of you guys got contact for awning/roof tiles contractor? Am considering to have them for the balcony. TIA
  9. Hi Bro Kindly pm me your fan and light catalogue. Would like to consider for my new place. Thanks.
  10. Hi Tim I'm looking for Mitsubishi sys 3, but not sure which type i should go for. Do you think you can advise and quote? Between Inverter Multi Split System Air-Conditioners and Single Split Inverter R410a Thank you & Happy lunar new year
  11. Hi Xiao Bao, thanks for sharing. I'm actually looking for movers also. Looking at Ann Hock Transport service, very reasonable rate but dunno good or not.