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  1. I used to have the KDK ventilation fan in my MBR toilet which we turn on during bath time, guess it sort of helps, but we still have moldy ceiling after 3yr+. You might want to compare the cost of running the electrical cabling + fan cost compared to you hack top part for ventilation
  2. got a question for mansionette owners, how do you vacuum the second level floor? We have an osim vacuum but the thought of lugging it upstairs and the difficulty with the stairs is quite zzzzz. Wife is suggesting getting those cordless/standing vacuum, any recommendations? Dyson/Electrolux/Bosch? Cordless gives me the impression the suction power is not that strong....
  3. Hmm ok, Never really looked into power:capacity ratio, not that I believe in the ticks anyway. But looks like the Samsung does not have auto ice maker, wifey will fail it immediately.
  4. I am looking at the same hitachi model for my new place as well, partly cos I have a constraint of 83cm width and 70cm depth. Just curious, any reason for not choosing the hitachi?
  5. Anyway have been messing around with floorplanner, came up with something like this for MBR, Saw from ikea webby depth for wardrobes with sliding door ~60cm, thinking of having the left side wardrobes with sliding doors, right with with sliding also but more shallow depth, maybe around 40-50cm to keep folded clothes, leaving around 70cm for walkway. Any advise as to whether 70cm is sufficient? And with this 'pattern', got new problems, the windows is full length with a small ledge in front, if want to do false wall, how can they cover the ledge at the window side? Anyway reason for having sliding doors for wardrobe, our current WIW is open concept alumix system, everytime I do cleaning, do 1 time curse 1 time y not covered.
  6. Hi there, pm you the COV. Unfortunately got to keep the other bedrooms, my parents staying with me and our boy will need his own room eventually. If we were staying alone, your idea would definitely work!
  7. Arrr yes cos the living room area has an aircon. According to owner, living area cools up very fast with the glass closed. It would be shiok to have steamboat and watch TV at the balcony area in aircon LOL!! Balcony is already levelled, roof for balcony done, windows swee swee le also. We are considering removing the glass doors, as our 1yr old monster is starting to roam around, concerned about safety of having such huge panels of glass....
  8. Anyway managed to dig out some photos of the stuff we keeping from property webby Kitchen Stairs Changing top row kitchen cabinet doors to silver-grey as there is some panels which turned yellow. Would be removing glass panel at sink area if possible as well.
  9. Proposed wiw at left side of room as well, rejected by wifey saying purpose of wiw is u bathe come out can change clothes, if need to run across the room might as well dun do. Anyway fsm say bed cannot be right side near toilet....that's y headache now
  10. Hi soonliew, how did u do your wiw? The missus is very firm on having a wiw but I told her the walking space might be an issue. Hi potatoes, I have read thru your whole t-blog actually haha!! Yep mine is 150sq as seller bought the recess at main door area.
  11. Have been in stealth mode for past 1-2 months while wifey and I are getting OTP done for our second home, EM at Tampines!! Here is the floorplan First appointment 26 Apr, the place was renovated around 3-4 years ago so we'll be keeping most of the L1 fixtures. Unfortunately the L2 flooring needs to be redone, so its still gonna be a headache. Need suggestions from you creative people here, wifey wants a WIW for the MBR, FSM says bed cannot be at the toilet entrance. Window side have a ledge not sure if erect a false wall how to deal with the gap there. How????
  12. we paid $60k COV for an EM opposite Tampines MRT, top floor, corridor unit. Location totally won us over, partial reno required, mostly for 2nd level.
  13. Hi macuser77, can pm me Mr K contacts? Thanks!!