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  1. Not for me too and never heard of this thin layer from all ID I met. But if yr ID quote above 1.8k for cement screed you can forget about it. Over quote.
  2. For 2 rooms bto cement screed bedroom & living room my con charge me $1.2k. ID will charge more. I did not let HDB do cos heard many complained about poor quality.
  3. Hi Clarence, pm u already. Thanks.
  4. Hi Home Owners to be, I have a package with Evorich and would like to transfer out as i'm doing tiles instead of vinyl. Deposit of $500 is paid and I'm looking for someone to take over the package. Mine is a BTO group buy price. Will be great if you are a resident of projects in Canberra (Sembawang). Please pm me if interested. Thank you very much.
  5. Yup! Big operation if you want this for bathroom. Must shift basin, redo the wall, but pipe will expose. That's why my bathroom will be the most experience area. Ok! I signed up for the tour & pm you liao. So looking forward to it! Let's all bring our floor plan.
  6. JTS, this is the bathroom design I have in mind. One ID told me this is very popular for condo in the 90s but now not in demand. He proposed those type with 2 sliding doors but one ID told me it will trap dust on the tracks. He said this design is still doable and I should follow my heart as long as I am comfortable with it. So this will be the design I want!
  7. coolbunny

    Coolbunny 2RM

  8. Serious ah mmoh! I would love to visit too! Maybe you should let us know your available dates? Heehee....
  9. Your bed + 5ft wardrobe will be side by side? I think you should go ahead with your day bed since this is what you wanted. Stick to it!
  10. mmoh, can understand your headache. I have so many things to do as well but due to the size it seem rather impossible now. Always thought of having my big wardrobe infront of my queen size bed but all IDs said can lah, but quite hard and really limited space to walk. So I now left with 2 options. A queen size bed with only 1.2m wardrobe side by side or a super single bed with a much bigger wardrobe...... Also, I thought of dismantle the clothes rack on the ceiling and install another type. I still prefer to have the old type.
  11. Yup! I nag her more than she nag me. Sometimes she will chase me out of the house to have some peace or she go out to have her peace. Lol!
  12. Ya, I agreed. So far I met 4 IDs. With one chopping carrot, one who is very experience who will give useful suggestion, one a yes man to everything I want (without providing pros & cons of my idea) & the last one who is quite young but said what matter most is I must feel comfortable with the end result. So I actually combined all their ideas. I selected my unit Jan 2014. Wow, going to 2 years liao. Hopefully I can get my unit Q2 or Q3 next year cos some blocks already started painting liao. But not in a hurry to move too. I think my mum will miss my nagging after I moved. Lol!
  13. mmoh is very accurate on the cost. I have 2 IDs quoting slightly less than $2k. Btw mmoh, have you received J&E quote? Please do share. Thanks!
  14. My cost for bathroom alone : ID 1 $6,850.75 ID 2 $4,090.00 (if took up package already $12k which include other stuffs) ID 3 $5,355.00 Did an excel table for comparison. ID 1 is way too ex, out! ID 2 is more reasonable. ID 3 some stuffs not included like ID 2 so I think if add up will be even more. ID 2 take into consideration of dismantle basin, WC, other factors but not ID 3. ID 2 tiles cap at $3. When ID 3 told me total quote is $17k I very happy until I realised a lot of things not quoted are under "optional" and this add up to a bomb! When I asked him wow your tiles cap at $2.20 only ah? He immediately said can upto $2.80.