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  1. Wow! been so long since I was here and almost couldn't find this thread anymore So anyway, this is long overdue but we have received our singsale order. I can say pretty disappointed with the rubbish bin because it's made of metal it was dented when it arrived IMG_20140701_170447 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr The others was fine though haven't put up the shower curtain yet... And we got this nice carpet from geylang for just $98 I like the design and the softness IMG_20140709_171907_1 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr
  2. Hi songz, I found it here. Check this out : http://www.singsale.com.sg/product.aspx?saleID=aOi0jckke06AQaIf054w_Q&productID=xsrUQYeml0u0_Y7y_wgQVw But the price seems to increase to 75. I got it for 60. They will have the same thing again after sometimes but the price will change a bit. Actually after I bought I saw another knife set for $39.90 from another brand in singsale but maybe quality not as good
  3. Grip is good and sharpness in okay. They give a real complete set with scissors and the fork and sharpener for everyday honing. But very bulky and at the end only use a few only never utilised the whole set very well. Lol
  4. So excited ah I can say pretty happy with the pressure and everything... He he
  5. Wow ocean11! nice house you have there! very smart leh your planning and purchase! btw, you did a lot of carpentry huh... crazy big wardrobe and shelving everywhere in the living room.
  6. Hi Harriette! Love how your kitchen turned out! seriously Ikea kitchen is very functional with all the pull-out larder corner cabinet etc etc and they are not as expensive as when you buy them outside right? And that kitchen island! genius!! maybe after 5 years or sth i can re-renovate my kitchen and make it like yours hehe May I know how much did you pay for all the kitchen work you get from Ikea? many thanks in advance
  7. Hi Takaishi, Of course! it's the real bathing experience! lol, pressure is good from all direction. Only downside is cannot use all the functions at the same time! if can will be even more shiok~~~ but save water lah if all direction sure will use up a lot of water... I saw something similar to mine from Grohe but the things all built-in the wall... very cool leh but i guess it must be very expensive... you got your key already? lol
  8. Hi sharonk, I got this from ACE hardware in jakarta
  9. And next, we actually DIY-ed Ikea kitchen cabinet (self-collected and assembled by husband). took 2 hours to do and voila! it serves it's purpose well As our kitchen space has been made very small by me, I realised we did not have enough space for all the rice-cooker, microwave, water dispense etc. So we need another cabinet for dry kitchen. So this space is basically to put our plates, glasses, drinks etc IMG_20140623_135629 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr IMG_20140623_135435 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr IMG_20140623_135516 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr hehe, after this purchase I really feel like extending the kitchen but have to control that desire if not the house will be very crammed~~~
  10. Anyway, I want to introduce 3 new members of the family! Meet, Do Min Joon,polkadot and fifty dollars! (from right to left) IMG_20140623_135752 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr IMG_20140623_135740 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr We wanted to get a puppy but realise we are still not ready yet. I think dog needs more care than fishes. (fishes don't need to go grooming, bathing, etc) But anyway, we are happy with our 3 fishes. They bring much love hehe This is Do min joon IMG_20140618_094416 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr the only male out of the three. called him Dominjoon cause he looks like alien lol This is Fifty dollars IMG_20140618_094437 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr Can't get a good pic of her since she moves a lot. called her fifty dollars because her colour reminds me of $50 note And lastly it's polkadot IMG_20140618_094506 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr While you can't really see her tail from this photo, she has a lot of polkadots on the tail.
  11. NIce Nice! Love the whole look of your house!! Isn't it hard to so those kind of patterns from cement? Will there be cracked lines if exposed to heat? Anyway, I found the same wallpaper as your kitchen 'tiles' http://www.theupperroom.sg/home/86-the-concrete-wall.html Teehee!
  12. Hi LHWH, When I was trying to outsource my painting last time I actually stumbled upon this website http://www.painting.com.sg/?gclid=CjgKEAjwq_qcBRDZ-PeZ7NGQiVwSJAATT7q2F9OV09n_Vu0ba81PL3JoKSodHJFsf-PfaFkGl908uPD_BwE They charge $1150 for 5-room... Seems too cheap to be true, I did not engage them as my ID included painting in the package for me. You can try to ask them Hope this helps
  13. Hi LHWH, You can check out singsale at singsale.com.sg Last time I wasn't really fond of singsale because they carried mostly clearance item from branded store (Diesel, Fossil, Nautica,etc) and everytime most of the things are always sold out as they carried maybe just a few pieces per model. However, now they carry more things and I am hooked to the 'Home&Living' section. If you like to go Robinson, to see all the fancy kitchen equipments you will like singsale as most of their things are from Australia, US and Europe. They sell it much cheaper than those sold in Robinson. Only downside is, they take forever to come. Like a month plus. But if you can wait, it's totally worth it to buy from there. I had goose feather quilt before, bought because most hotels used it and they felt so comfy. but after 1 night use, I can't use it anymore. Why hotels can use it because their aircon is turned on most of the time. If you don't turn on the aircon it is totally unbearable. And the new goose feather quilt or pillow or bolster just smell funny. Like laundry that is not dried properly. When seasoned maybe it will be better but I just can't take the smell at all... My sister however loves it because her air-con is always turned on to 17 degree celcius so to her it is the cosiest~~~
  14. Hi Rice, I can totally understand your frustration, During my Reno progress, my ID also seems to have problem with his scheduling. Make all our electronics and furnitures delivered when the renovation is not even done yet. Have to reschedule a lot of time with the outside people. They changed our lock and asked us to arrange the open net people to come but no contractor was in our house despite the time being 11 am. The Open net people kept calling us so we went to the house and tried to open the door but we were not even given the new key to our house. For some time, we saw no contractor came to do up our house. Despite the beginning to be quite fast, the later part of the reno dragged until very long. We also rented a room so we had to move in before all the reno was done. While those memories were indeed an unpleasant one and we wish for it to never happen again, I learn quite a few lesson: 1. We have to make clear of our preference and be firm with it. No matter what the ID try to drag or give lots of excuses to delay our reno (unless it's once in a while, unforeseen circumstances do happen) we have to let them know that they cannot keep dragging like this or just pay compensation for the rental that we have to extend. Check your house once in a while to make sure that there are people working (in my case reno was delayed because noone was even working in the house for some time) 2. Always check review, etc of the ID or contractor before you engage them. Do not be impulsive or lured just because the package looks very cheap ( guilty! ) Because at the end, the additional charge can be more than the package itself. (but for my case, my ID is indeed not very calculative and give us free services) 3. If all the disappointment already happened, during the payment, maybe can ask them to cut the price or throw in some free services. All in all, as long as your ID still come and take responsibility of their job, it is still okay. They may have taken too many jobs at the same time,and they have to liaise with many outside contractors and most of the time, the problem lies with those people they work with. So do not be despair, when your house is ready you can see all these hard work paid off
  15. Found it! Following is a list of approved breeds of dogs that are allowed to be kept as pets in HDB flats: I am eyeing at jap spitz or small spitz
  16. Oww, Last time I ever stayed in this HDB in Toa Payoh, my neighbour actually keeps a Syberian Husky and when I asked whether it's approved, the guy actually says it is because it went for some programme? or microchipped or vaccinated? something along those line. <15kg must be really small then huh? like maltese, pomeranian? Do you keep a dog yourself? Look at this Gold-ret! sooo cute I just love them http://www.stclassifieds.sg/sell/pet-adoption/pets-and-pet-care/dog-for-adoption-gold-golden-retriever-for-adoption-spca/ad-3555181
  17. I have a question to all the dog lovers out there, what are the requirements for a dog to be HDB approved? Must it be of a certain breed or is there any test that the dog must pass? Lol sounds really noob but I really want a golden retriever. Super cutee
  18. I really couldn't resist putting my comp outside n free up my MBR. Anyway, the wi-fi connection in the room is super bad so may as well put it outside and it turns out to be very comfortable though the small size Before: After: IMG_20140610_202924 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr taadaa~~~
  19. And my first batch of singsale order has come! Pasta maker (S$22) Shall post here next time when I make my first handmade pasta Another cast iron pan (small one) (S$19) Knife set (S$69) The brand is called classica, never tried before, shall compare it after I try with the cast iron pan I bought from La gourmet. From singsale is way cheaper though! I got my La gourmet cast iron pot and cast iron pan for 199 during Courts megastore sale. I already thought it was very cheap as Robinson selling it very very expensive. Just for the griddle already 200+ and the pot like 400+ But when I saw singsale the classica brand they are selling the pot for 40! and the pan like 25! I felt super cheated but I feel like still must buy something from there since it's so cheap, so I bought that small cast iron pan for 19! whoahahahaha
  20. I've been pretty much adjusted to my kitchen by now. While the counter top is quite small, I can manage as the only person cooking in the house is me. The Ariston hob, hood and oven is acceptable. Nothing fantastic but can serve you all the basic functions. Easy to clean and most important of all, there is even heating for the oven. I am very particular with oven that has uneven heating as the make my cake become slanted when it rises. So far this oven is quite okay What I really love most about my kitchen appliance is totally the cast iron pot and pan! It works like magic! Very good heating and it browns my food really nicely giving a very nice aroma to the food. I'm gonna share my first meal that I cook here. Chicken rice Winter beef stew Love this cast iron pan, can just leave if the oven for 3 hours and you get the most tender piece of meat
  21. Hi janicewl, all our rooms we mainly light up the ceiling fan light only. Mine has 2x E27 light kit inside the ceiling fan and we use the Phillips 13W LED bulb and I can say they are very bright. As all light bulbs come in varying lumens, you may not feel it's bright enough if you only use let's say 2x7W LED or 2x10W LED. Except for my MBR where there is a passage way with a false ceiling, we have to add a 12W LED downlight so that we don't need to put cabinet lighting for our wardrobe. For the other 2 rooms, we only use 2x13W LED bulb which comes with the ceiling fan and they are very bright already
  22. As for our bed, finally it was transferred and so our MBR is really done. We do not have a headboard that's why we feel that we NEED the wallpaper. However, I feel that maybe it will be better if we choose a darker colour wallpaper to really act as a 'headboard' for the bed. We also have dressers to put all our home clothes since we can't hang them
  23. Next is my MBR. As the passage in my MBR allocated for wardrobe is only 48 cm We were not able to use the normal depth wardrobe(60cm) for our MBR. Luckily for us, we have IKEA that has a wardrobe with depth of 35 cm. So we decided to get that. And as we have a false ceiling on that passageway, our ceiling height is only 238cm. We didn't really take note of that as it was mentioned that they need a minimum height of 250 cm for us to get the 236cm high wardrobe. However, the IKEA installer came and told us that we are still able to use the wardrobe but they would need another way of doing it, instead of doing it lying down first then making it stand up after that they have to assemble the wardrobe upright. This will take longer time so we have to add $30/frame. So in the end we had to add $60 to the assemble charges. But well, it turned out quite okay and almost looked like it is built in custom made for our house. So our clothes have to be hung this way. I personally feel it is quite convenient and somehow make the wardrobe looks more organised