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  1. No worries at all... knew my hubby in a car club with our previous rides so wanted our bridal photoshoot to evolve around what we love most! was pretty glad our love story clinched us a spot at the style weddings love cruise.. but a pity my hubby could not apply for leave to go... so had to give it a miss
  2. Heys gal, The Bridal Studio and photography house which I had is a little on the steep side.. just had my photoshoot last month, can view the pics at www.zorpia.com/RoyAndMawie pardon me for the bad tan lines in the unedited pics, they were provided by my photographer for photo selection purposes. had 300+ shots in a CD provided by him but uploaded only half of them (minus similar shots) I had Flamingo Bridal and Tuckys photography. Just sharing my personal experience with them. Really nice and sweet people to work with, even my hubby (well known for being reserved) opened up to them. For bridal photoshoot, a piece of advice would be to have co-ordinators and photographers whom you and your hubby could click with. P.S. all my gowns (WG and EG) and my hubby's suit is MTM and can take back the EG and suit. Hope this helps
  3. Just chanced upon this thread, hopefully not too late to offer my tot thru process while securing my banquet location. My new place will be ready mid next year, and wedding banquet in Feb 2009, therefore its huge amount of cash outflow within a short span of time. My hubby more practical, wanted good or at least reputable chinese restaurants, whereas for me, I want a decent hotel, food wise acceptable will be good enough. Our budget was about 800 nett per table for about 20-22 tables for weekend. I had jie meis who were straightforward with me about the turn-out also (which i was quite concerned), therefore I was alright wif weekends as long as it was within my budget. Cut the story short, I chose Club Chinois for my AD on 14 Feb 2009. Their menu is pretty attractive as they do not impose service charge and CESS. Hope this helps
  4. Heys tingshen, agree with you on the wedding coordinator, the one whom I met up with at CC was real accommodating and gave us a detailed run through on what happens before and during the wedding. The part which is my fav is before the wedding at around 5pm, when refreshments is served to the bridal suite, my hubby hafta be downstairs going through the rehearsal wif the coordinator. As for the bride, its juz follow what the groom does. I guess for mine, on a pretty tight budget for AD and the emphasis on the food menu therefore made CC my choice.
  5. heys gal, yeapz cox of the day we wanted i guess. hhmm i guess the service is compromised when we don't hold it at hotels to a certain extent, unless its those reputable chinese restaurant?
  6. Hi All, Had booked Club Chinois for my AD in 14 Feb 2009. Just share my considerations: 1) Centralised located 2) 100% complimentary parking for guests 3) The minimum tables is 20 but in case we do not hit 20, we can transfer up to a max of 3 tables after the wedding for consumption 4) Looks classy (to me at least) 5) Cosy and presentable foyer area 6) Reasonably priced as price listed is not subjected to 10% service charge 7) Nice and friendly co-ordinators 8) For my menu (mid to high range one) they offer free flow of beer and corkage waiver 9) Good food by Tung Lok 10) Complimentary food tasting for 10 11) Projector provided Hope this helps. Can email me at mawby84@hotmail.com if you require further info.