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  1. Hello shifu's.... Hope someone can shed personal experience with me. Internet search has been limited. I recently just paid up my HDB and plan to purchase a 3bdr condo. Is the initial 20% able to be bridged by loan? Is this still the common guidelines: Initial 20% Booking Fee and Downpayment 1) 5% Booking fee for booking of unit (Cash Only) 2) Stamp Duty of about 3% (Cash and/or CPF). 2nd property at 6% Stamp Duty as well which include the ABSD 3) 15% Downpayment 8 weeks from Option date (Cash and/or CPF) Progressive Payment Schedule, Installment Will Commenced From Here You Can Loan 80% Bank Loan 1) 10% Payment for completion of Foundation Work (About 6-9months) (Monthly Installment will commenced here if you can loan up to 80% bank loan, next step if 70% bank loan) 2) 10% Payment for completion of Reinforced concrete framework (About 6-9months) 3) 5% Payment for completion of Brick walls of unit (About 3-6months) 4) 5% Payment for completion of Electrical wiring, internal plastering, plumbing and installation of door and windo frames (About 3-6months) 5) 5% Payment for completion of Car parks, roads and drains serving the housing project (About 3-6months) 6) 25% Payment upon TOP 7) 15% Payment upon Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC)
  2. perhaps the mummysg forum will be more informative for you.
  3. Private female teacher in late 20's, formerly teaching in Christophori (hope i spelt correctly) Location in woodlands, home base.
  4. IF rental of flat, need to register with HDB or most still not practising this? What's the taxation formula for rental income?
  5. Thread was long ago but just thought i wanna share my joy. My little one EDD Feb 2012.
  6. U went straight for IVF? Never try IUI first? If i remember correct, both IUI + IVF total have only 3 subsidy from govt. IVF will include hormone jab i believe into ur tummy, self administered till ready for procedure. Extract and wash then mate with sperm...afterwhich see how many survive then doctor will recommend how many to put back into your womb. Thou medical advancement is there, you have to be mentally prepared IVF is not 100%.
  7. You never ask back the officer if your house under full renovation, do they live there?
  8. My wife and myself visited LC Cheng for a yr. No result, very exp, especially first consultation. My advice is to take things naturally. Unfortunately this is a gift of god. Sometimes, somethings really unexplainable.
  9. having said as above, all my smoker friends got healty kids, some even have 3 !
  10. Saw quite a bit of enquiries. Haf you all got your no? If not can pm me i will reply you with the number.
  11. Thanks guys....appreciate your feedback. Kelvin appreciates it as well.
  12. Wow this thread still alive and kicking for almost 2 years. Good to know Tau had served all generally well.
  13. Wah semi D.....my aim when the next recession comes along say 8yrs time?