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  1. Chipboard furniture from Ikea. If I leave water on it for some time, the surface layer can be peeled off.
  2. For my renovation, part of my piping was concealed behind my wardrobe so in my case, I needed to install the piping before my wardrobe could be installed.
  3. Check yafen.sg for reference. Prices and quality are good.
  4. Power of a mother's love In today's realistic society, a child's wedding is normally financed by the child and his/her spouse.
  5. Renovation loan interest is very high at around ~5%. Home loan interest is ~1% so better to take the home loan rather than the renovation loan.
  6. It is correct. I normally use an adjustable wrench to turn off the supply. Must identify which is yours otherwise you end up turning off your neighbor's supply.
  7. Locally, you can check out yafen.sg for cheap and good LED lights with 1 year warranty and $10 installation. If you don't mind the hassle and risk, you can check out Taobao and JB.
  8. Malaysia Nippon paints are of different series from Singapore. I noticed that Malaysia products are generally inferior to those in Singapore even though they are of the same brand. That was some time ago when I did my renovation. Not sure about now.
  9. Hi can recommend your installer for ceiling fan

  10. 6 brand new 12W downlights (bought extra by mistake, no thanks to my reno contractor) at $7 each. I bought them from Yafen LED Lights (yafen.sg) at Defu Lane. Her LEDs are from Taiwan so they are very bright and of good quality.
  11. I bought my LED downlights from her (not sure if it is the same Yafen) and used them for around a year without any problems. I saw Yafen LED Lights on some internet forum and I googled Yafen LED Lights and found her. Her LEDs are from Taiwan so they are quite bright. Anyway, I still have 6 brand new 12W downlights (bought extra by mistake, no thanks to my reno contractor). If anyone is interested, I can sell at $7 each.