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  1. Are you using a router? If you do not want wireless connection, it means a CAT6 cable from the router for every point you have planned. I was quoted $120 per data cable run. I did not take up the offer; bought CAT6 cable and data connection box, pass to electrician and ask him to run the CAT cable along the electrical cables FOC.
  2. Go direct to the manufacturer/supplier, and not through contractor if you want the best pricing. Window grilles for my entire house cost me <$1100. Very reasonable considering that the panels are much bigger than the new HDBs. My hall already 6 large window panels...
  3. Reasonable price considering the quality and design. Their recliners have been serving the family very well the Loyang showroom should still be having sales promotion I think.
  4. It's weird to have a 6-speaker configuration. If it's for living room where you watch movies, you require 5 speakers and a sub (minimum). If it's for music in room, you require 2 speakers (stereo); you will lose lower mid to low frequency details since ceiling speakers are usually limited down to ~150Hz. You will need to list your budget and needs, and start looking within the boundary you have worked out. Do you really need a pair in the room, with your source and AVR located outside? Unless you have Bluetooth or RF control, you will need to go outside to switch tracks or change volume. Consider satellite speakers (smaller and aesthetically pleasing; usually can be wall mounted) as very limited ceiling speakers will be able to produce a proper soundstage for movie. Ceiling mounting's dispersion pattern in a standard condo/HDB size will create more havoc (my opinion; I must quantify I do not have experience with ceiling mounted speakers for home theater. I recently auditioned an Atmos demo with 4 ceiling mounted speakers in the rear and frankly, it was a big mess). With satellites, you have more flexibility in controlling the dispersion direction for the front speakers (wall mount or rest on shelf), and have the 2 rear speakers ceiling mounted (not ideal though but possible). Take a look at Anthony Gallo Micro. They offer ceiling mounts for their speakers with some flexibility in directing the speakers to where you want. There are other manufacturers that offer similar design too. Cheers!
  5. A 1080p on a TV is 1080p, and a 1080p projector is 1080p; same resolution for both. It's the quality of the projection source that matters. Picture quality is subjective. Some find the Best Denki / Courts type of tv demo sharp and hi def, while videophiles do not want to be associated with those picture settings. End of the day, you need to be clear what you want in order to decide
  6. Can you share the brand and model for the speakers and amplifier? How do you intend for the speakers to function?
  7. Back from fan shopping at Tampoi Lighting. They carry Elmark and Aeroton, which have very similar design to the Haiku. 3 curved blades, sleek, and runs silently on DC motor too. Cost is much cheaper compared to local distributor. May wanna have a check if really interested.
  8. IMO it really depends on what you want. If you feel Bose is worth the money, by all means. Do some homework since you are gonna sink in the money. For the records, I have not read of any serious home theater enthusiasts with a Bose system (less the 901 speaker). There are plenty of choices in the market if you are after good quality sound and value for money. But if you are after aesthetics and a set-and-forget system, maybe Bose will be suitable after all. Good luck!
  9. So far the cheapest I have found is $1100; additional $200 for the LED light. Bamboo is $1300. My friend and I are looking to install Haiku too. I am considering to organise a group buy
  10. You gotta have a look at both to decide. I never like Courts/HN showroom's displays; their benchmark of sharpness and brightness beats me. You can get an IR repeater to solve your concern. What screen are you getting? If speakers are behind screen, you need acoustically transparent screen in order not to affect the sound. Will be using a fixed screen in my setup. If you need electric screen, I can direct you to someone that can help.
  11. My W1070 has been sitting in a corner since Apr wating to be unboxed lol Epson is LCD projector if I recall correctly; both projectors have rave reviews at this price range. It's your preference really. May wanna consider the sitting area and viewing distance. Can the projector give you your desired screen size with its zoom capability? You wanna try to avoid setting the zoom at either both extreme. Also will you be viewing more of 2D or 3D? I chose 1070 cos my setup will be temporary, and in living room where there will be some ambient light. I like the DLP image better than LCD. Will eventually get a JVC when I shift to my new house in 2yrs time. It will be a dedicated viewing area with anamorphic screen. Try to research and dont rush into buying first. I'm no guru and is trying to catch up with HT from where I left 10yrs ago I can help better if you ask about car audio cheers!
  12. I used to have a projector with fixed screen in my Sengkang flat (living room), no TV. Gonna renovate my parent's flat and set up a home theater in the living room too. System all bought and sitting in boxes waiting to be set up Projector gives you more bang for bucks when it comes to image size. Cost is also likely to be much cheaper too unless you buy the high end sets. A very decent HT projector can give you HD resolution + 3D; 2D qualities range from good to excellent. Bulb life span averages a few thousand hours and it's cheap to replace. Some considerations you may wanna keep in mind: - how much ambient light control you have (affects image quality) - ease of operating (old folks may just wanna press a button to watch tv) - available throw distance via-vis screen size - aesthetics (boxy floorstanders or wall/ceiling mounted? Or sound bar?) List can be long depending on how particular you are What's your expectation and budget? Range can be very wide
  13. I believe you should be looking at electric (retractable) screen instead, in view of the sliding door. However, you may wanna note that good screens will always black light spills on the side where there's no projection (i.e blackout). Hence, you will not be able to utilise both sides of the screen as desired. Also, you intend to have 2 projectors? Note the zoom capabilities vis-a-vis the image size of the projector. Depending on your projection distance, diff projectors will give you different size at the same distance. For short throw, can consider BenQ 1080ST (bang for bucks). I assume you cannot consider dedicated HT projectors in view of your limitations and non-dedicated room. Good luck!