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  1. Thanks, but i've already looked at IKEA. Turns out they are really quite limited in choice. And 2.5m is way longer than what they offer! I think i only managed to find 1m shelves. The price is definitely attractive though, i'd give them that haha!
  2. I'm looking to get some simple customized shelves for some of my walls. Basically all i need is a horizontal laminate shelf 2.5m in length.Can anyone recommend suppliers? Just need a quick quote per ft and maybe get their own opinions once i give them the dimensions.
  3. quite similar to studio apartment looks. Definitely one of the best looks for homes in my honest opinion. Very classy stuff! And beautiful pictures i must say
  4. Hi, not sure if this helps, but i've found this useful in the past. The list of shops is pretty large, and they look decent enough! http://www.expatliving.sg/homes/shopping_for_home/Furniture-shops-in-Singapore-Our-pick-of-the-best-places-to-buy-beds-art-textiles-and-more-619.ece
  5. don't be fooled by some of the synthetic leather sofas! you'll be amazed how real some of them can feel and look, sometimes even smell! Prices vary a lot, so it'll help if you could provide us with your budget? And have you decided whether you want full leather, synthetic or a mix?