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  1. do you guys have any idea for the bedroom? i particularly love the simplicity of this.. this bedside lamp had lots of character as well. and this light wood shelving looks beautiful too.
  2. Is your door from Contatdecor?
  3. Yes! its works! gotta shift the spot light away. only applied this at dining table but have to rotate the table to put this directly in the middle of the table. got his lampshade from IKEA and its on sale with comes with bulb! paid $15 for this and $25 from Likelights.
  4. Some kind soul PM me this link. looks like a good way to rectify those space with too glaring problem. Will be heading there this weekend and will update with you guys if i can us a brighter bulb and a lamp shade.
  5. my stupid contractor suggest to use alot of track lights and now im regretting. its either too dark or too glaring when we look at them. Anyone got any ideas if we can us a hanging lamp version converted from track lights?
  6. got my LED from ECO LED at UBI, prices are very reasonable. they are wholesale. but service is not very good but cheaper than JB for LED downlights, tracklights. i got most of my hanging lamps at Likelights in Bedok and they even offer complimentary consultation for where to use what lamps. Their hanging lamps are mostly from commercial project leftover. prices are close to JB but quality is much better cos commercial lamps demands is very high. i followed them on facebook to see when they clear their project spares. i got a pair of dining lamp used at a cafe for $120 a pair, so cheap!! and i got something customised as well for less than $200. those things i got cost $400 each at balestier but not even this industrial. really good lobang but have to watch and strike at the right time.
  7. read this article that could be a good info. the 5 lighting tips is quite useful!
  8. i got a Cove and track light from ECO LED [cheap and good LED wholesale] and dining lamps, and those industrial lamps for balcony From www.facebook.com/Likelights, they are selling commercial grade lamps at project price which some can be 3x cheaper than normal lamp shop
  9. a year ago, during our JB trip, we have a bad experience with the shops. felt that they hard sell you alot and actually their Lightings are not very nice. however we got a lot of Stainless steel shelves for bathroom at quite a steal. I got my lamps during sale and they are nicer and cheap as well [very close to JB Price] but design and quality is better. try www.facebook.com/likelights